When Kandy met her Fan

Tao and Dog

Tao in Los Angles

It happened a few months ago. Through social media I found out that my favorite singer Tao (Huang Zitao) is coming to L.A from China, with Kandy barking happily chewing away on her toy bone. I was super happy because :

  • Los Angles is my home
  • The neighborhood he’ll be staying in his like fifteen minutes from my house.

As soon as I logged out on social media, I made up a master plan to meet Tao. Since he absolutely loves dogs, I decided to take Kandy out for a walk in his neighborhood and then kabam! He notices me and my Kandy and we chat away.

Master Plan

Like that I planned and planned my head off till Tao came to L.A. Like I assumed, airport that day was PACKED with screeching fangirls. I was laid back though, because I knew I can meet Tao in his neighborhood. After a week, I manned up and went to my mother “Uh…mom, you see I wanna take Kandy out for a walk” I said shyly, partly cause my mom still thinks I’m 3 even though I grew old enough to go out on my own.

As usually she asked her most loved question “Why?”

“Well, you see I heard in Santa Monica sun is good for dogs and humans” I dumbly replied. Kandy, meanwhile was licking my toes and carefully not taking part in the serious conversation.

“Honey, the Sun is same everywhere…there is no difference between the sun in the place wherever you want to go and the sun in our place” my mom repeated.

“Well, they have this major ozone hole somewhere in Australia…” I started, hoping to annoy her enough to take me there.

“Okay fine!” my mom yelled “I’ll take you there”

After some happy-merrymaking dance, I put the small chord around Kandy’s neck and pulled on my shoes and got ready to put my plan in action. I looked at Kandy “Look, you’ve never failed me in my life…if you’ve decided to take revenge on me for treating you bad in past, well I’ll call you mutt again” I said.

It took us about to 20 minutes to reach our destination. The very pleasant neighborhood was quite, the kind of silence you’d expect in horror movies right before the main character gets chopped down and made into delicious barbeque for the ghost. I pulled out the chord and started walking, convincing my mom to stay in the car. Kandy took some lazy steps before dashing off into the footpath “Kandy! Wait up!” I yelled after her, running to my full speed “Kandy!” I kept on yelling, but the hype up dog acted as if I did not exist.

After running for what seemed like hours, I tripped over my shoe lace and fell face first, I looking up too see Kandy looking innocently at me. It’s been almost two hour since I came to this weirdly calm neighborhood, and fairly there is not sign of Tao, giving up I carried Kandy back to the car where my mom is sleeping.

I saw Tao looking at Kandy “Hello” I smiled and he asked if he could touch Kandy and instantly became her fan and they played for a lot of time

Dining out

Later that evening, my sister decided that we should eat out. So hours later we ended up in a packed Italian restaurant called Italino something- I- forgot –not really…I forgot the name- Kandy was sitting in a special chair for dogs scooping up some ‘Italian dog food’. Somehow, I turned my head to see Tao and his mom sitting at a table! My heart leapt out of me…I looked at Kandy, quickly taking her and walked over to Tao. I saw him looking at Kandy “Hello” I smiled and he asked if he could touch Kandy and instantly became her fan and they played for a lot of time. Well of course I managed to get a photo with him.

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Maya Vedantam from California, USA is a student passionate about exploring every inch of nature and every creature in the existence. She has articles published in many webs. Maya has received numerous awards for her literature skills. . Maya also contributes for her school magazines and news papers. Her attachment with dogs started when she was ten years with a Pomeranian.

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  • Like a little baby attracts everyone’s attention so does our superstar Kandy. The author’s detailed planning of meeting her favourite singer was sucessful with all credits to her pet. No matter how big star Tao is , his heart went for the little dog.

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