We Call Her Smarty Pants


Smarty Pants carries her old rubber chicken to the yard and drops it in whatever area that marks the spot she decides to go potty. Whenever she wants to come back inside, whether it’s an hour or more of her waiting at the door because she doesn’t bark or scratch to get inside. However,after the door is open, she spins around to dash back out to the yard to pick up her chicken, dropping it on the living floor until the next time she needs to go potty.

Chow Time

Smarty Pants also has a unique way of letting my neighbor, Steven know whenever she’s ready to eat; by interrupting his nap and licks his elbow. Once Steven is awake, Smarty runs across the room to stand in front of her bowl while glancing back at Steven for a look of approval before digging in. Steven, in his funny cartoon voice says, “Smarty Pants you crazy mutt,” which is her signal to bury her face into the bowl and begin grubbing.

My Meeting with Smarty Pants

I came to know Smarty Pants when she and Steven moved next door. Steven has a disability which prevents him from walking long distances; so I offered to take Smarty along with my other dogs so she could enjoy a new adventure of chasing rabbits and squirrels out in the desert fields. Smarty Pants is a Fifty-Five pound Border collie who is black and brown painted with large patches of white fur on her legs, neck and snout,and who has a pretty distinctive half white, half black tail.

Smarty Pants gulps water from the bucket each morning at 6am after returning from our long two mile outing across the desert terrain. It’s what she lives for. It’s why she stands at the gate holding that old rubber yellow chicken clutched in her mouth at sunrise, waiting and hoping for yet another adventure from the new friend she’s found in me.

If dogs could speak words, they would be able to convey every thought that crosses their mind and hearts

If Dogs Could Talk

The most precious moments of my time with Smarty Pants is when she literally “pants” after our walks together and watching her owner toss a few pieces of ice cubes as she eagerly grabs them between her teeth and vigorously chews happily to her satisfaction. Smarty Pants gazes over at that old beat up yellow chicken as if she’s saying, “not now; I just had one of the best walks of my life, so sorry my friend, until next time we meet when my owner needs to know it’s time to go again.

If dogs could speak words, they would be able to convey every thought that crosses their mind and hearts;but, if we truly are in tuned to listen closely, maybe we will hear them speaking to our heart; not in English, but in a universal language which rises above all language barriers. Smarty Pants definitely has her own special way of talking to Steven and now she chooses to share that gift with me.

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Jheneen Brewer from Hesperia, United States is an avid dog lover with thirty plus years of interacting and caring for dogs. She currently has three fur-babies whom she loves with all of her heart. Jheneen has an eighteen month old son who has been around dogs since birth and also has developed a special bond in his little heart for all dogs. Jheneen is a self-proclaimed dog rescuer and has placed countless stray dogs in good, loving homes throughout the years. As a matter of fact, all three of her fur-babies are rescues who stole her heart from day one. Jheneen considers it a true blessing to make a positive difference in the lives of so many helpless strays. It is her personal mission to continue saving battered, starved and neglected dogs whenever they cross her path. The real truth of the matter is that these dogs have also rescued Jheneen by giving her a meaningful purpose while journeying through this life as a devoted Christian.