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Have you ever heard about Dancing dogs?

I never knew about. Yes, even dogs Dance. Read on… it really happened. Music & Rhythm has the power to make every living beings dance. By Googling “music effect on living beings” you can find numerous researched articles about this topic. So I am not going tell you the science behind this, but I will tell you this interesting incident, which I witnessed. Dancing Dog

Its all about Tomy

It was during our stay in North India, my father was working there and we all stayed there with my father. My primary schooling was done there. The incident, which I am going to narrate happened when I was about 8 years old. Some sweet memories will stay in our mind for ever. Tomy was an Indian Mongrel, smart dog, Black with white patches on his coat.

We stayed in a house provided by my father’s company. All of these houses are built in a row along a street. Each house has its own garden area and backyard too. It was a planned township built by the company which my father was working. There was about 12 houses in a row along this street. Tomy belonged to this street. He was a pet of all house owners in this area. I don’t exactly remember, from where he came and how he became the best “buddy” of this street. He was not a stray dog, since all of the house owners in this street owns him.

He visits almost every house, plays with the children and will have food if served. This was a routine for him. He build up a timing by himself so that he could attend every house in this street and get the love and care. He was very punctual to reach our home during lunch. May be he liked our type of food. All of our family members liked him. My father was a real good dog lover. He knows how to handle them, make them active and play.

The Dancing Dog

One fine day after lunch, my father was just tapping some beats with his fingers on a wooden table. Tomy was lying down in front of him after having his heavy lunch. After some time, he stood and started to turn round and round as if he is trying to catch his own tail. My father didn’t notice this at the begining, but later on he noticed Tomy.

He was keeping on chasing his own tails and was not stopping his circling action.

My father stopped tapping on the table and looked at his activity. As soon as he stopped tapping, Tomy stopped his circling and looked at my father.

“Oh… So you like my beat” my father started to tap agian.

Tomy started to make his circles again.

“Hey….everybody come and watch this….” my father called all of us to see this beautiful moment.

When we all came Tomy was standing normally and was looking innocently at all of us, as if nothing happened.

“Now watch this..” by saying this, my father stared to tap again on the table.

Tomy started his circling as if he was as dancing to the beat. In between my father will stop the tapping and Tomy will stop his circling too.

We were all surprised to see this dog’s reaction to the rhythm.

This was a repeated performance whenever My father and Tomy met. But he will not circle in his empty stomach, performance will be done only after lunch.

Though both of the drummer (my father) and dancer (Tomy) passed away, I still remember those beautiful moments.

These kind of childhood memories, though its not of any serious type are kind of gems which we always keep in our memories.

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  • As humans we all love appreciation how small or big it might be. A very simple and fun to read article. Yes, we surely remember those small little childhood incidents with loving memmories attached to it never to fade in our minds.

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