Tommy – Life saviour


Hero of My family

I still can’t forget the day when my doggie Tommy became saviour for my family.  Now he becomes hero of my family. Off course this incident is one of the memorable day of my life. Whenever I recall that day I get goose bumps.  It is not wrong to say that it is easy to forget good days but very tough to forget thrilling days of life.  Yes, this story made me to think about love between animals and human being. Now a day’s when human being never understand each other and doesn’t value human life, how animals understand the value of life. What a beautiful world it would be if people have hearts like dogs. This situation made me to rethink about love and I feel now animals are more sensible, loving and caring than human being. It is somewhat fact that very few people agrees.

Family Picnic

The situation which changed my thought about love and care took place on 12th July 2014; it’s been more than one and half year. I was with my family for a picnic and off course my special friend Tommy was along with us. We searched a very lovely and calm place around a beautiful pond surrounded with long shaded trees. We kept our belongings there and became busy adoring beautiful nature. All the elder persons of the family were sitting, my nephews (Trisha and her sister Mita) started playing and off course their one partner was Tommy. I and my sister in law started roaming around the park and were grabbing the beauty of nature. We thought kids are under the observation of our elders but as we all know kids don’t like to stay at a place, they love to wonder here and there to explore mystery of the world.

Shocking Incident

Suddenly we heard people screaming and running towards the pond, we were unaware of what happened there. But when we reached towards both of us was shocked, my sister in law had fainted.

Trisha was drowning in the pond and what we saw Tommy was holding Trisha’s t-shirt trying hard to save her. After that other people jumped inside the pond and saved Trisha and Tommy too.

After some time I asked mom,  “What had happened actually?”

She narrated the full incident “I was watching the kids along with Tommy playing beside the pond after some time I saw Trisha was going towards the way to pond. I was shouting at her to come back to me but till then she went  at bank of the pond, her tiny foot might have slipped into mud and she just fell down into the pond, was almost drowning and the only thing of her visible was her little hand. Tommy was just beside her. Instantly he jumped into the pond and started dragging her holding her T-shirt.”

A Hero born

Both were saved but it made me and my family thinks, that what if Tommy would not be in our life then we could have faced devastative situation. SO WE SAY DOG’S ARE BEST FRIEND OF HUMAN BEING.

Dog’s are more faithful and loyal pets in comparison to other pets.  Sometimes they risk their own life to save their owner. Our Tommy is also one of them. I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that can’t get from any other way.
I can only imagine how brave is he and the heroism he shown on that day. It is due to my Tommy Trisha is among us and my family saved from drastic situation which might have occurred if Tommy wouldn’t be there. Our love towards Tommy increased 100 times more after this incident. It was amazing experience, but the strongest memory that has stuck with me till now.

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Shashi Shweta from Kolkata, India holds bachelor's degree in engineering from VTU Bangalore. She works as a IT professional. She loves reading books and has habit of writing diary on daily basis .Though she is IT professional, works as a developer but her loves towards reading books and writing diary made her to write this article. She believes the thought of Edward Bulwer-Lytton “pen is mightier than sword”. She turns these words into reality. By luck she get this chance and willing to continue writing.


  • A very heart touching article. Author’s words really echo deep down that man’s best friend is dog. The message the author wanted to convey is no doubt an age old fact which needs to be remembered. Dogs are the most vigilant creature and because of this the little girls life was saved.

  • Humans might overlook or make mistakes but dogs usually do not. The saying is really apt in every sense that dog is man’s best friend. Time and again it has been prooved and so it was with the author too. The dogs instinct to act in danger is more than a human being.

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