Tomas – A Mongrel with a Big Heart


My Four Legged Friend

Tomas, He is a small four legged friend, 8 years old. Yes, He is a mongrel, a mix between a mother of short size and a father of big size, so he have both parts; short legs, a large head and tail, and a long body. He has the most expressive eyes I have ever seen.This little four legged boy, is my best friend since I met him when he was just a puppy. Despite not belong to a specific dog breed, I can say that he is the most faithful dog that I ever had, and his courage and loyalty led him to a journey that it included cross town to return home.

A Very Difficult Decision

Tomas looking at me

It all started one day a couple years ago when my parents made a very difficult decision, give it up for adoption, I could not do anything to change the decision. After searching homes for him, I found what looked like the “perfect home”for my dear four legged friend.

The dreaded day arrived; I still remember it was a Friday 2014, the time had come to say goodbye, it was clear; Tomas understood that something “different” was happening around him. He was looking me with his beautiful brown eyes, with that so expressive look that characterizes him, while I gave the belt to the new owner of my beloved Tomas, without any more to say, the inevitably goodbye coming with tears ran down my cheeks. He began to despair and mourn, while I walked away, we were always very closer; I could only think out it was the worst decision they had taken.

“The Loyalty of a dog can cross many barriers like not belonging to a specific breed. Every dog is special, whether breed or not, they have a lot to give”

A Big Surprise

However the next day around 10 am, I found a big surprise when I opened the door of my house; my eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing, my dog came running down the sidewalk like a madman, had his tongue hanging out by fatigue; my eyes began to mourn, but this time of happiness; It was good have him back at home!. He kept moving his tail, while I gave to drink water, on closer examination to see if something had happened on their way back home,  I realized that his legs were a little hurt, nothing serious, so it was necessary to clean immediately and lots of rest, food, and hugs. It was beautiful, being able to get back home. The best gift that I have had this day was hugging my doggy!

Part of our Family

But this does not end here;Tomas had the courage and the bravery to literally cross the town to get home. He is not a great hunter or something like that, his breed is mongrel, a mongrel with a big heart that would motivate him to find the way to come back at home, a heart able to travel long distances to be with us regardless of the danger. Our family learned the loyalty of Tomas and understood that He is not just a dog, he´s part of our family.

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Carolina Borja from Cuenca, Ecuador, is a student of Veterinary Medicine and a passionate person by God. She is an animal lover and enjoys spending time with her family. Carolina is Hispanic and likes to experiment with vegetarian and vegan cuisine. She likes learning about new cultures and likes the idea of travel around the world. She love write and read. Carolina thinks that always we have something new to learn and always we have someone to help.


  • Love knows no boundry is beautifully expressed by the author and displayed by her mongrel dog, Tomas. For Tomas the distance and the danger that it hold did not matter. He was more concerned to be with the author come what may. The decision to part with his dog was not a very easy one for the author too.

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