Tiger – A long lost friend


Meeting Tiger

It happened in the summer holidays when I was 8, I was staying in my grandmother’s home one day my father called me and said ” Son I have brought a pug home, come see it .” Immediately I raced home, but there was no pug instead there was a Boxer pup. I was still overjoyed because I love dogs very much. The pup was only 3 weeks old, but still it was agile and sharp. It was a very cute looking male pup, brown like a Teddy bear, a shining black nose like someone had just polished it, a fluffy body and a small tail which never stopped wagging. All these gave me an irresistible urge to pick him up and cuddle him. The moment I picked up, it caught my ear with it’s tiny teeth.

When ever I looked at him, it brought a smile to me.

My mom gave it milk, which it drained away happily, then it would lay down content. The funny part was it could not run or jump after drinking milk. It looked so adorable while it was sleeping. I would feel like watching it for an eternity.

Befriending Tiger

The puppy immediately became my best friend. Though I was still a stranger to him, so he did not allow me to touch him, whenever I tried to touch him, he would growl softly, because of his temperament and agility I named him Tiger.

Slowly Tiger allowed me to lift him up, he used to enjoy it when I rubbed his head. Tiger sometimes would sleep on my leg, my mother allowed tiger to stay inside the home. It was a delight to watch Tiger put his tiny paws on the floor and walk. The floor was a little slippery, so sometimes he would slip and slide on the floor this was completely hilarious, I wish I had recorded these moments alas.

Inseparable friends

Very soon I used to spend most of my time playing with Tiger, he used to nibble my ears. When I was sitting, Tiger would jump up and bite my ear, it sure was painful but I enjoyed it’s antics, it would chase me around sometimes unable to keep up it would lie down tired or I would climb on a chair to avoid him but still he would jump up and catch me.

I was never this happy, Tiger changed my life completely, I wanted him to be a part of my life forever. Little did I know our friendship would be very short lived.

Loosing Tiger

They say good times don’t last forever, but in my case I guess my good time was only a week long………..
My mother worked as a teacher in a school, so after a week of Tiger being in our lives the holidays ended.

My mother and father both went to work, me and my sister had to go to school. We has no choice but to leave Tiger alone at home. My father insisted on leaving Tiger in the backyard I didn’t agree so for it’s safety the gate was locked while we were gone.

I came back from school eagerly to reunite with my best friend, I looked around but couldn’t find him, I thought he might be hiding somewhere, I searched and searched to no avail. I rushed out and scoured the whole neighborhood but still no sign of him, then the horrifying truth dawned on me that he was dognapped(I chose to call it that), though I knew him for merely a week but it felt as if a part of me was lost.

My advice a dog is not a commodity it too has ¬†emotions and feelings, dear readers please don’t do the mistake I ¬†did. All you have to do is give some love and affection to your four legged friend it will readily lay down it’s life for you.

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Ganesh Sowdepalli from Bangalore, India, is an electronics student. Ganesh never gives up on anything and believes that everyone has a potential and given a chance and some trust they will do wonders. He is also a creative thinker, an optimist and a problem solver. Ganesh is passionate about writing.

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  • Very truly said that good things are short lived. But these short moments of happiness becomes a life time memory. So i think it is for the author too. A very important message has been shared through this article hope it is always remembered by all the dog and the pet owners.

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