The Definition of Puppy Face – Hedwig


My Second Love

So, everyone of us have some or the other time encountered or been tagged with the phrase, “Oh, don’t you dare make that puppy face again to convince me!” Well, I surely have heard this many times from my sister. So, it’s origin was made familiar to me by none other than my adorable Labrador, Hedwig.

All you Harry Potter fans out there would have instantly felt a sensitive cord strike on reading the name Hedwig. Well, that’s because Harry Potter is undoubtedly my second love (P.s.- first are my dogs!)

Okay, so this habit took my notice in the first year of bringing Hedwig home. I had just gotten free with my second year college exams, so was undoubtedly on a lavishly free lazy time. My elder sister was at that time preparing for her entrances for masters so she was also mostly at home studying.

An Ice-cream Walk

One fine afternoon in June,my sister and I decided to utilise our independence and the fact that we are grown-ups. The decision was made. All three of us, in a not-so-comfortable temperature of 44 degree Celsius, went for an ice-cream walk. Hedwig’s happiness was infectious! He was just bouncing off on every step with his new found freedom and the prospect of getting to lick his favourite ice-cream. But the scorching heat of Delhi soon started taking a toll on us. Our breaking point came when that ice-cream vendor was not there. I guess some people are more sensible than two over-enthusiastic girls and a crazy ice-cream lover dog. So, heartbroken and with a wish unfulfilled we started tracing our steps back home.

Some guilty Convicts

With all the previous happiness vanished away in a puff when we reached home, our adventure was met with my mother standing at the foot of the door, drenched from a hard day’s work, in the maddening heat but pale with worry over why is the door locked and her daughters not at home. Well my mother was just being the quintessential Indian mother who worries a lot and thinks that all sort of bad things can happen with her daughters and the Labrador only in the whole wide world!

So, all three of us end up in front of our silently ragging mother like some guilty convicts. Now, sensing the aura of the room, using the quietest tip-toes ever possible, our sweet little Hedwig plans his escape from the room of convicts. But nothing goes unnoticed from my mother’s sight. So she bolts her attention to him.

Hedwig’s Show

Now, here’s the moment. Hedwig slowly, very slowly moves his head up, tilts his head to a 45° angle, God knows how but rounds his eyes in a big well of something watery and looks at my mum.

My sister and I are the silently surprised spectators here as the grand scene of eye contact between my mother and Hedwig takes place.

Suddenly my mother coos, “Aww, my poor, poor baby, these girls really trouble you na! I know darling, they just took you along because they wanted an ice-cream. You would never have agreed to that. Don’t you worry at all. I trust you completely. I promise I’ll get you whatever ice-cream you want. Now don’t be sad! Muma can never be angry with you.”

And suddenly they both are in a bear hug, where my sister and I stand dumb founded, wondering where is the woman who gave birth to us! Hedwig looks up from muma’s hug towards up and wags his tail!

That day we both discovered the biggest weapon to mum’s wrath- Hedwig’s puppy face!

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Shrishti Puri from Delhi, India is an avid reader, an enthusiastic orator and an optimist towards new challenges. Besides being an economics maniac and a corporate person, she loves to write. She is often seen with a diary of her own, penning her thoughts down in simple verses or words. Her love for dogs started with a Pomeranian and she is now proud to have her love continued with a Labrador.

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  • A sitution that puts a smile on anyone’s face. Dogs are loyal, faithful, sincere are old school thoughts. But they can be as sweet and cunning is really fun to read. The scenario is quite common to all of us but with a slight exception of the puppy faced, Hedwig.

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