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About Rocky

Rocky a 65-pound Boxer with a brown coat and a white blaze on his chest. At the time of this story, Rocky was almost 5 years old and I am thirteen-year-old.

Rocky came to our house he was just ten weeks. I immediately bonded with him, petting him,feeding him, teaching him, training him with commands, and he also slept on my bed. Whenever he faces stranger he stands in front of me , as a sort of protective barrier. There was, however, one flaw in Rocky’s armor. It was a fear of water. Boxers are not that good in swimming in any event, and they are afraid of water.

An Accident

This incident was told by my mother that how rocky saved my life and incident goes like this that One day, my mother took me and rocky to the shopping area. It was located along the edge of a sharp embankment, that was 20 or 30 feet above the surface of the water. I was walking along the boardwalk, enjoying the road the sounds of  footsteps were enlarge by the wooden makeup. Then there was a boy coming on a bicycle skidded on the damp wooden surface, hitting i am at an angle which push me through an open section of the guard rail. hitting the water face down, and then floating there inactive.

My mother was on entrance of a store a hundred feet. She came runing to the railing shouting for some help. Rocky was already there, looking at the water, shaking in fear, and making sounds that seemed to be a mixture of barks, whimpers, and cry all.

No one never know what was going in the dog’s mind as he looking at the water-the thing that truly panicked him.. Whatever he was thinking, his love for me seemed to beat his fear and he leaping out through the same open space in the rail and dip into the water.

Saving by the Dog

Thanks to the genetic programming that allowed the dog to swim without any practice, and he immediately came to me and catch me by a shoulder strap on my dress. This caused him to roll over so that my face should be out of the water and i am gagged and coughed. Despite my stunned state I reached out of water and managed to cinch my hand in Rocky’s collar, while the dog trying and struggling to take out me from the water. Luckily the water was calm, we were not far from shore, and Rocky went fast to reach where his legs were on solid ground. He was trying to taken me out of the water until my head was completely out of the water, and then sat beside me, licking my face, while he continued to shiver and whine.

It took several minutes for people to reach for help because it was an area full of rocks.

It was only rocky who saved my life.

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  • Really wish the author could pay a little more attention to the small grammatical errors cause they break the fun of reading otherwise such a nice article. An informative article about the boxer breed of dogs. Before reading the article i thought that the dogs were fearless creatures.

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