Rafa – A Dog to Remember


My story happened recently. You will know Rafa more if you had read my first article about her. I never thought it was going to happen so soon to write my last article of her and the least expected.

Shocking Incident

It was supposed to be a happy day, for my husband was celebrating his birthday. I was driving home with my daughter from a nearby grocery store to purchase some ingredients for my spaghetti recipe and dropped by the local bakeshop to buy a small round caramel cake with a happy birthday print on top of it. As I reached the street corner leading to our house, I heard loud barking from outside already. I knew something was wrong. I hurriedly drove faster and stopped at the iron wrought gate. I saw through it, our pregnant dog, Epok, was dragging through her mouth the poor lifeless body of Rafa. Tagging along were Epok’s son Jco and daughter Kremy. Their sizes were twice the size of Rafa for she only had a Dachshund size compared to the local breed. Barking behind them were Rara, Rafa’s daughter and a little one named Dub Dub. Looking like cheerers in a dog fight. The dog on leash, Chip, was barking the loudest.

“Epok!!!”, I shouted at the top of my lungs. All dogs dispersed at the sound of my voice. As I came closer, I saw Rafa lying on the ground. Most of her black fur was covered with mud due to the wet ground from the night’s rain. Blood traces were not evident. Her tongue protruded from her mouth. No sign of the slightest breathing. She was gone. I felt so sorry for her. I know she was tough but she was old, scared and outnumbered. This time there was no miracle to save her. It was her time already. But if chosen, she could have died from sickness not from a tragic one.

I called my husband to report of the incident. He felt sad too and kept asking why would the other dogs treat Rafa as such. “I will find someone to bury the dog when I get home”, he said on the phone as we ended our conversation.

I kept staring outside through the kitchen French windows to where Rafa’s body was

Moments with Rafa

Dachshund in cycle
Rafa in Cycle with my Daughter and cousin

The house was quiet for a while. The rain poured again. I kept staring outside through the kitchen French windows to where Rafa’s body was. I securely placed it on one side. I heard murmurings from my daughter. I remembered her play times with Rafa. She liked to dress and put trimmings of flowers on the dog’s head and took pictures. Sometimes she rode on her bike during summer. Placed the dog at the front basket while driving her bike. Rafa even had her silly moments when she had the chance to stay outside our gate, she chased a motorcycle with four men on it. It slowly crashed to the ground. And Rafa ran her way to the woods guilty of what she did. Now, they will be a thing of the past for Rafa is gone.


Days prior to the incident, there had been fights between Rafa and Epok. Epok has always been a good dog. The quiet and reserved type. She is closer to me compared to the others. When she became pregnant the second time, she started acting angry most of the time. Might be with her pregnancy.

There was a time Rafa bled twice from their fights. Rafa felt scared and cried every time we leave the house. We were not always there to protect her and the dog threats eventually led to her death. Sooner or later it was bound to happen. A dog’s jealousy, rivalry or to protect the offspring. If someone can shed light on this, it will be very much appreciated. To better handle my dogs in terms of my approach to their behaviors.

Weeks ago, I dreamt of Rafa lying dead on the ground near the spot where she died. I disregard that dream and totally forgot about it until my husband reminded me of it that sad day.

Our pets come and go. But they leave memories, lessons and inspirations to be remembered and my Rafa is one of them.

Farewell my great little friend.

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Hannah Abroguena is from the Bukidnon Mindanao, Philippines graduated from Ateneo de Cagayan – Xavier University. She took up Bachelor of Arts major in International Studies. She is a mom who has passion for dogs. Hannah considers them as her confidants, believes that pets absorb ones emotions and sentiments are best shared with them. Aside from being a dog lover, she likes gardening and creating DIY crafts.