Pikko – The watchful guardian


Busy time

I remember it was around Christmas time and everybody in the house was busy doing around all the decorations, cake preparation. The house was full of activities and nobody had time to peep into each other’s work. My sister and I were getting ready to go out for some necessary household item. Pikko was as usual snoozing around here and there doing his usual work of inspection. As we both sisters had gone out there was nobody except my mother and Pikko. My father was out of station for work.

A guest entered

A neighbour of ours had come to leave her seven year old son at our house as she would be going for a marriage function. She gave him some toys of his so that he would be engaged in that. She then left . My mother told me that the child was very naughty. He would always start crying and yelling. Pikko, the inspection officer came in to see the boy.

Entering of the inspection officer

Pikko came and took a thorough look at him. Looking at him the boy sat quiet as Pikko was sniffing him throughout. Pikko usually liked small children. He normally, as he would start licking him and playing with him. Both became good friends. He started pouncing, running, licking and playfully chasing him. Both started running all over the house. As of the boy got out the backdoor without being seen, Pikko too ran after him and pulled his shirt collar. He tried to drag him back and barked simultaneously too. On hearing his barking my mother went backdoor to find him holding the boy’s collar. On looking at my mother, Pikko started wagging his tail at her. He wanted to tell her that he had done a heroic deed. He had stopped the mischievous child from wandering away.

“Dogs are angels with Fur…No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich”.

Earned his reward

My mother too loves animals. She had taken care of Pikko as her own child. He would never disobey her. She always trusted Pikko and today her belief had shown the results. By that time we had come back and my mother narrated the whole incident to us. We were shocked to hear this. She bent down to him and told him, “Pikko, today you have become the guardian of this house. My trust in you has grown even deeper.” He was holding his head high up in the air, why not he has done such a heroic deed. Truly we can say that, “Dogs are angels with fur”. Today I understood that, “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich”. We took the boy inside and made him understand his mistakes and never repeat them again. That day Pikko had become my mother’s sweetheart and she petted him. I got jealous of that but that day was his self-earned day.

My mother as his reward gave him a big piece of meat. He gulped it at once and looked at my mother as a sign of gratitude, hoping so he would do some other heroic deed for more rewards.

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Sonia Mary from Bangalore, India has completed her post graduation in B.Sc. Biotechnology and also a MBA in Human Resources. She believes a true human being has love and compassion for all other living beings including animals and plants .She likes to spend her time with her several pets(Fishes, cats and a dog).She thinks that the best way to express one’s feelings by putting it into words and is very passionate about it!

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  • As humans our attention might divert but Pikoo’s never. A very responsible and faithful dog indeed. He understands his duty and full fills it even at the stake of his life. The best thing about him is child like innocence. As a reader, the more I read about him the more greedy i become to know him.

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