Pikko – The greatest Joy and Change in my life


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It was that time of the year when children would be dying hard and crying over all the time , Yes “The Board exam had arrived finally”, and I was mere 16 years of age , like others I was also highly stressed. That time one of my dad’s colleague came to meet over , and I greeted her. She was very worried though as she had to relocate to another city and she had 4 dogs. She knew our whole family, that how much love and affection we had especially towards dogs. And for us it never was only any high breed dog, a simple suffering dog also on the road had our love and sympathy as they also deserved the same love and attention like any other dog.

That day when she asked whether we could take care of one of her pet dog “Pikko”, I jumped with excitement and requested my mom, dad please let us keep him, upon which; Finally, they agreed but as parents they were concerned about my board exams too…..So, I assured them that Pikko would never be any sort of disturbance or a villain during my studies ….But later did I realize that he was in real a “Bad bad boy “.

Pikko Arrived

Finally , the unforgettable day of my life arrived, because of which there was lot of impatience as well as enthusiasm within me…the doorbell rang, and he was not like any other uninvited guest  though, he was been waited by my whole family with lot of eagerness …..He entered our house like a small  ,snow white furball  with a red collar ,adding as an icing on the cake, he was a white pomeranian…..As I knew my little baby would be arriving , I had kept all the required necessities well prepared in advance. He was quite scared and sad too as he got separated from his previous owner along with whom he had spent few months of his life. He was around six months when he came to us” Awestruck …a stouter , healthier one as compared to other dogs of the same age’, But few days initially , he was quite uncomfortable as any normal dog would be on moving to any new place….But we had always loved, pampered and cared for him as our own child. After few days, I would usually talk to him and share with him about my day, how it was and how I felt throughout the day.

He licked my tears and his eyes was directly looking into mine like trying to console me and say, Don’t cry ,I am here for you

I am Here for you

One such day for some reason my mother scolded me. Being sensitive by nature, I started crying immediately. That was the day, I felt how much he had become attached to us. I was sitting in front of God’s image and crying, then I felt a paw on my lap, I looked beside me..Wiping my tears out, I was surprised to see my Pikko standing beside me.

“What happened? Are you hungry? Do you need something, Pikko?” I asked him

I was shocked to see what happened next? He licked my tears and his eyes was directly looking into mine like trying to console me and say, Don’t cry ,I am here for you .

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Sonia Mary from Bangalore, India has completed her post graduation in B.Sc. Biotechnology and also a MBA in Human Resources. She believes a true human being has love and compassion for all other living beings including animals and plants .She likes to spend her time with her several pets(Fishes, cats and a dog).She thinks that the best way to express one’s feelings by putting it into words and is very passionate about it!

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  • Pikoo’s entry to his new home is really a simple and a delight to read. The way the author makes a difficult task mundane is commendable. Changing one’s house is a difficult task for even adults , so it must have been too for little Pikoo too. But the author and her family’s acceptance and love made the task simple for Pikoo.

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