Pikko our little Hero


It was around 9’o clock. We were having our dinner. Mother had made some delicious items. We were enjoying it. Pikko too had his food and drank the milk. After dinner we returned to our bedrooms. My mother she went to her room and fell fast asleep as she was very tired. I went to the room and started studying as my exams were nearing. My sister was playing games on the phone. My father was in the hall watching television.

The clock struck twelve

It was midnight. I was feeling sleepy so I closed my books and went to sleep. Papa was still watching television. Pikko was passing by and peeping into everybody’s room. After his patrolling he went back to papa and lay on the carpet under his feet. The volume of the television was little loud. Suddenly Pikko got very attentive and his ears started to roll to catch the sound from where it was coming,

Entry of the burglar

Pikko stood up on sensing something some unusual. He started taking the unknown smell.  Father asked Pikko, “What happened Pikko, are you getting smell of the cat.” He straight away followed the smell. He just landed into mummy’s room. He could see somebody standing outside the window. He had put his hand inside the window trying to snatch my mother’s gold chain. Looking at the stranger Pikko started barking loudly. On hearing Pikko’s bark my mother got up and saw the thief trying to complete his evil act. She shouted “thief, thief”. On hearing her voice, father ran up to the room and saw the thief trying to escape. He ran out as fast he could but faster than him was Pikko. He reached the backyard of the house before papa and started biting him. The thief was still trying to jump over the wall but couldn’t succeed. Papa reached the spot and caught the thief. We knew him well. He was the man who used to come for collecting garbage.

Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen.” The police told looking at Pikko

Dialing 100*

Soon papa dialed 100 and police came. We handed over the thief to the police. The police asked papa, “Did you catch him”. Papa replied, “No it was not me, but our little hero, our pet dog Pikko “. He stared back at mummy, “Sleep well… I am here. I will watch. I will keep you safe.” “Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen.” The police told looking at Pikko, “Pikko, you are a smart dog.” He then patted him on his head. They left and we too were very happy for having a dog as vigilant and watchful as Pikko. He would never forget his duty.

Then the next day our father raised the boundaries of our house so that the incident may never repeat  again. We were very sure as of nothing like that would never happen as long our little hero is the there.

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Sonia Mary from Bangalore, India has completed her post graduation in B.Sc. Biotechnology and also a MBA in Human Resources. She believes a true human being has love and compassion for all other living beings including animals and plants .She likes to spend her time with her several pets(Fishes, cats and a dog).She thinks that the best way to express one’s feelings by putting it into words and is very passionate about it!

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  • Indeed a heroic deed by man’s most faithful animal. A very descriptive article making the reader anxious as to what holds next. Just loved how a little dog becomes an important part of the family. Humans communicate through talking and gesture but animals communicate only through their gestures.

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