One tough Rafa – A Stroke of Miracle


This incident happened three years back.  When my dog Rafa, a half Dachshund and half Japanese Spitz, encountered a life threatening experience.

A Brush with Death

Rafa – puppy photo

“What was that?!”, I asked my husband sitting across the living room.  It was already late at night, we were watching  television and suddenly a loud lingering sound of a dog in pain could be heard outside.  I hurriedly ran to the door and went out to see where the sound came from.  I thought it was from a neighbor’s dog.  But as I came closer, it was my dog Rafa lying on the ground.  Her body was all shaking and she cried in  pain at the same time.  I started to panic.  I didn’t know what to do.  First thing that came to mind was she got bitten by a snake.  “Pa! Come quick!”, I called out my husband.  “Look at Rafa, something’s  wrong  with her.  Let’s take her to the vet”, I said as he ran and examined the poor dog.  I headed back inside the house to get a cloth to wrap around the dog.  While my husband started for the car.

“Rafa…..Rafa….”, I repeatedly called her name softly while stroking her fur.  Hoping to ease the agony.

A Grip of Hope

We headed  through the empty road.  We live in a small town so dog clinics are rare.  What was worse, we had no idea where they were located.  We usually take our sick dogs to the city which is far.

I have seen my dogs nearing death and eventually died.  I felt sad because I saw the same thing with Rafa.  But my husband kept saying, “She will be okay”.  As a matter of fact, everytime one of our pets get sick, he uplifts the dog’s spirit by comforting them.  Telling them to fight.

Rafa – recent Photo

“There! I see a clinic”, I said as we passed by a sign that reads Veterinary Clinic.  “Go check if the vet is around”, my husband said as I got off the car leaving Rafa on the seat.  I knocked on the clinic’s door and someone opened. “What is it?”, a young man appeared and asked.  “I’d like to see the vet, I have a sick dog with me”, I answered.  “I’m sorry but he is out of town……,” was all I heard of him and the rest seemed vague.  But he referred another vet and gave us the home address but to no avail he was also not around.  Oh my.  With heavy hearts, we went home.  It was already late.

Reaching home, I laid down Rafa.  She was weak.  But I saw in her the determination to live.  We kept  calling her name.  Hoping with the people who cares around her, she will have the courage to fight for her life.  She was trying to get up but as if her body was paralyzed.  We spooned some water  into her and she licked the drops wetting her mouth.  Her body was weak but her mind was alert.  Every time we call her name, she would quickly turn her head staring at us.

Time was ticking by, we didn’t left her side.

In a Snap

The unimaginable happened , one minute Rafa was lying weak, the next we saw her sat up.  It was like an acting scene with a dog playing dead and the moment the director said cut, the dog just leaped from her internalization of being dead.  As if a dust of magic was sprinkled on her and was healed.  We were totally surprised.  She was well!  Clueless.  She was up and walked slowly in a daze.  We were so happy she made it!

The next morning, Rafa was on her self again.  As if nothing happened the night before.  It was indeed a frightening experience.  She was strong enough to fight from what strucked her.  We were still unable to draw from what ailed her.  Her body didn’t show signs of wounds or bites. And she never experienced that same condition again.

Now Rafa is still here.  She has a daughter now named Rara. A good and brave dog. Despite of her size, she’s not scared of dogs bigger than her.   Maybe it was not really her time yet because she still has years to live.  Years to guard and serve her masters . And in return to care and show affection to them whom we consider as our best friends, our dogs.

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Hannah Abroguena is from the Bukidnon Mindanao, Philippines graduated from Ateneo de Cagayan – Xavier University. She took up Bachelor of Arts major in International Studies. She is a mom who has passion for dogs. Hannah considers them as her confidants, believes that pets absorb ones emotions and sentiments are best shared with them. Aside from being a dog lover, she likes gardening and creating DIY crafts.


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