New Year’s Resolution to my Chabrador


Charcoal is an honored crossbred dog

As I welcome the year of 2016, I began listing down all promises I vow to accomplish with my crossbred fella, Charcoal. Who and WHAT is Charcoal in the first place? She is a mixed breed of Labrador and Chow-Chow but if you mind taking a nearer look, you might conclude that she is 99% Labrador and 1% Chow-chow for the only unique characteristic she has similar to the latter is her violet tongue. Looks inimitable, right?

Sometimes people get confused why we claim that she has a Chow-chow breed given the fact that she doesn’t look like one. Nonetheless, what matters most is that although she is a crossbred, with different behaviors and physical variances, she is perfect the way she is as she undoubtedly and will continuously leave a warm mark in my soul for every new beginning there may be.

New Year’s Eve preparation with the Crossbred

Early in the morning, with the deafening sound of pinwheels outside, I decided to let Charcoal stay in the room. A creative and concerned idea I had that time is to make a firecracker-soundproof room. With the help of my siblings, we placed boxes and papers to all holes-in-the-wall and spaces in-between doors and windows. With boundless teamwork and willpower, it functioned. Thanks to everybody who aided me in saving Charcoal from the traumatizing and earsplitting sound that might put her into terror and distressing experience no one will ever wish to bump into.

My New Year’s List to my Sissy

For the year of 2016, I promise to be a more cuddling sister to my pet, Charcoal—which entails the following main undertakings:

Create and capture more Sissy-and-Charcoal beautiful moments

I might be busy working as a full-time nurse but what I will do everytime I will reach home after work is that I will allot a one-hour bonding time with her. It may come in the form of eating, play-time or kissing and licking moments—whatever it is, as long as she’s happy and I can see her stress-relieving smiles, a little sacrifice would be as fulfilling as achieving your biggest dream in life- and that is to be with your complete family.

Shopping often to the mall to bargain for her favorite toys


Charcoal’s favorite toys come in different forms- balls, saucer pans, dog sticks and her favorite– real-time bones! I have read that dog bones might be harmful to our pets. So by the time I have figured out its credibility, I now give her cooked or raw bones. Since my favorite meal is “BULALO”, a Filipino Bone Marrow Stew, I make sure that every time it’s the viand of the day; one bone is already reserved for her and not authorized for any negotiation. HAHAHA.

More Charcoal bathing time!

Aside from me, Charcoal’s second love would be the sparkly water that touches her body every bathing time. It may sound foolish but she is just the childish pup she used to be way back during her whippersnapper years. Although anyone can consider the VERY hot and humid temperature our country is having, she just really loves to imitate her Sissy; just as hygienic as I am as a nurse. I quote, “Like Sissy, like Charcoal”, it is indeed!

My Final Sweet Oath

To sum it all up–I can consider myself as a growing and developing sibling to my crossbred dog, Charcoal. This new beginning I am now partaking with her is still now a mystery as I am still giving justice to the list I promised to embark on together with my irreplaceable and picture-perfect youngest sibling, Charcoal.

How about you, folks? What are your New Year’s resolutions to your dogs? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We should always remember that every experience we share with our dogs is worth sharing and worth reading as well!

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Bella Rosales from Manila, Philippines, graduated from University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing (UST-CoN). She is now working as a private duty nurse in Philippines. She ranked 4th place in the Nurse Licensure Board Examination. Aside from her achievements in the medical arena, Bella does multiple jobs as she wants to develop herself holistically. She also loves to do academic & creative writing. She believes that holistic education makes her whole as a human being and makes her competitive in any aspect of life she might face in the future.

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  • Hello, Bella. I still do not own a pet and its already mid of the year. So no question of making a resolution to own a one too. But then i do envy the fun time that you have with your pet after a tiring and might be a demanding day. But then i do hope to own one very soon.

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