My Lulu Miracle


My First Dog

Hi, my name is Ruth. A lover of animals, but I tend to have some favoritism towards a particular type, DOGS! From childhood, I have always had a dog at home. After moving to my own apartment, I was so lonely and decided that I needed some company. I had to get me a dog. I will be sharing with you my first experience with my first dog Lulu.

I had purposed to get a young puppy whom I would nurture like my own child. The morning of April 2010 found me driving to my local pet rescue shelter. After i was shown around the room for a few minutes, my heart melted for this one sweet looking dog. She was very quiet and calm. She looked like she was in pain. The attendant told me that she was about to have her puppies. I knew there and then that this was the dog I wanted. I had not planned on starting out with many, but nothing would stop me from taking her and her tiny babies home.

Lulu and her Puppies

We were the best of friends with Lulu and her puppies so much that when I went to hospital to deliver my child, Lulu was there with me until I got discharged. After days, months and years of living happily with my new found family, I came home to a dull looking Lulu. She greeted me but not in the usual enthusiastic manner. She ate just a portion of her meal that night and slept on my foot. I could tell something was not ok. I called the vet and told him I would be bringing Lulu over the following day.

Bad News Strikes

“Lulu has developed malignant lymphoma, which is a tumor of the lymph nodes” said the animal specialist.

He was by now had run several days of testing since I took Lulu to the clinic. My heart dropped on hearing this. I had no idea that dogs could even get cancers. In Lulu’s case, the cancer had spread so much that it would be impossible to cure. At least that was what the specialist said. I was not about to give up on my Lulu who stood by me all the way during my hard and trying times. “Do whatever it takes to save her,” I told the doctor amidst tears.

Praying to Get well soon

Weeks of treatments and surgeries for my Lulu turned into months. I was at her side every morning and evening. My daughter cried and prayed for Lulu every day. The once energetic and vibrant Lulu seemed to fade away with every passing day.

“She can only make another month till she succumbs to the illness.” Those were the most heartbreaking words I heard from the doctor.

What was I going to tell my daughter? Were all her prayers and tears just going to waste? She made gift cards and welcome home posters for Lulu in full hope that she would get her best friend back. I sat down patting Lulu on her head and said “You have more than a month, more than a year, and more than ten years to stay with me”  she looked into my eyes and I could see her pain in her wet eyes.

I carried my daughter close to Lulu whose eyes were shut, I patted her slightly on her head, and she faintly opened her weak eyes

Visiting Lulu

A week later after her “supposed” final treatment, my daughter finally got to see Lulu for the first time since she went to the clinic. She hugged me tight by my thighs and cried bitterly.

“Mama is Lulu angry with me? Why will she not run to me? Is she not missing me?” she asked.

I carried my daughter close to Lulu whose eyes were shut, I patted her slightly on her head, and she faintly opened her weak eyes. For the very first time, Lulu moved her foot to reach my daughter’s hand and let out a slight groan. She must have been excited to see my daughter, because from there, Lulu’s recovery was miraculous. Each day she showed more signs of life.

Miracle Happened

On the eve of Christmas 2013, Lulu was home with us.

It is now 2016, three years down the line since the doctor had told me Lulu only had a month. I am still with my first dog and we couldn’t be better!!!!!!

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Ruth Muthoni from Nakuru, Kenya, a young mother, a vibrant lover of life and dogs are her best friends. Ruth enjoys the outdoors and walking her dogs, when she is not busy studying for her master’s degree program or writing blogs.

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  • A real miracle article. Truly wish if these miracles could happen everytime. I remember it very well the day my friend’s dog was diagnoised of cancer. It was a heart breaking moment for not only the family but for me too. I had started liking the dog which was strange on my part. But then the little dog had to go its way.

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