My first Schnauzer – Poky


I have always liked dogs, since I has a little kid and I’ve had many different kind of dogs, but it was when I was 6 years old when my older sister convinced me to buy a new puppy with her.
“C’mon! Let’s share 50/50 of the cost and we can buy this incredibly cute puppy!” she said.
At first I was not really sure, being a 6 year old boy I didn’t have so much money to start and I was saving for something else but in the end I said yes and I agreed to go pick our dog.

I saw her for the first time

This is Poky when she got home

When she told me it was going to be a schnauzer I had no idea what kind of dogs they were but when I first saw them I immediately fell for them. There were six puppies but when we got there my sister had already decided which one we were taking and how she was going to be called.
“Look! This is it, it’s a she and her name will be Poky” she said, at first I was kind of upset because they didn’t consider me in the decision making process but when I looked at her I forgot my angriness and fell in love with her.
She was so little and so cute!! She was only two months old when we got her and even though she really was my sister’s pet I loved her.
Like all puppies she liked to bite stuff, particularly my sister’s shoes! Almost every day we would listen to something like this when we got back from school: “Poky! What did you do?! I’ve told you a million times not to take my shoes!!!”, that would be my sister by the way.

As she grew older


With time she became the most obedient and elegant dog (maybe I’m saying this because she was my dog and I loved her so much) but she grew up to be very smart, caring and protective with us.
I remember when my sister got older and started going to the university I got up earlier than her in the morning and every day I came to her room to get Poky out so she could do her needs (if you know what I mean) and it was really funny because Poky always wanted to protect my sister’s sleep and from the moment I got in the room she started to growl and when I got closer she would bark at me so I wouldn’t wake my sister up, of course every time she barked my sister would wake up really agitated.
“What?!?! What happened?!?!” she would say and Poky always was very proud because she was guarding her sleep carefully.
Every year in Christmas Poky wore a warm sweater and when she grew older and couldn’t sleep with me on the bed I bought her a comfy bed for her to rest.
Poky was my first schnauzer and since then I fell in love with this breed.

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David Hernández Villalobos from Mexico is a Biotechnology Engineering student, one of his passions is science, particularly everything related to biotechnology applied in medicine and in ecology, leading him to write articles related to women’s health and biotech. David's other passions, animals (particularly dogs, more specifically schnauzers, since he’s had these since he was six), music, either sing it, dance it or make it.

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  • It is always said that our liking for any thing starts from a very early age and so it was for the author too. Six is quite a tender age to contibute for a dog. But thumbs up the author did and this might have been the stepping stone.

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