My First Dog Vito


My first Puppy

This happened when I was 14 years old. My friend’s dog had given birth to puppies. When they grew, he asked me whether I want to adopt one or not. My Mom didn’t like a dog in our house, so I should say no to him. But then I kept thinking about the puppy, and really want to have a puppy as a pet because they are so lovely and cute. So I was begging her to let me have a dog and promised to take care of everything and it won’t make a mess to our house. At the end, my mom allowed me to have a dog. I felt pleased and told my friend that I want to adopt one of his puppies. Later, he delivered the dog to my house.

That would be my first time to have a dog. I was pretty excited and my heart thumped when he came. I already knew from my friend that it was a Dachshund male dog, I bought him food and drink bowl, chewing toys, dog food, and leash. When he arrived, I felt so much in love with him. He was three months old, but looked like only one month old, because he was so tiny. At first, he felt little scared to be at my house. He was sniffing here and there, and a little shaking, so I tried to comfort him, cuddle and stroke him gently. He licked my cheek and stare at me, like he was thinking, “So, are you, my new owner?” I smiled at him and a name just flashed in my mind. “I will call you Vito,” I said.

Falling in Love

Since then, he never gets away from me. When I was around, he always sits on my lap and sleeps on my stomach. He always gets close to me and pays attention to what I said. I tried to let him explore his new surroundings, but he really sticks to me like a glue, really. He always jumps and his feet knocked at the door when I’m in a toilet. He always wants to sleep with me in my bed, though I have taught him to sleep on his cushion. My mom said he always sit, facing the door when I went out, he will be waiting for me. I also taught him a few tricks, and he was a good learner. He could do basic like sit, shake hand, and sleep. When I stood and bent my knee a little and called him, he ran to me, jumped to my knee and sprung to my hug. I felt in love with him.

Starting of Bad things

It all happened like a struck of lightning. I was 20, when my mom passed away after a struggling with heavy diabetes in the hospital. While I was still mourning for my mom, my aunt told me that I have to move to her house and stay with her. The first thing came to my mind is Vito. He can’t live at my aunt’s house. My aunt and her family never like dogs and Vito can’t do toilet training well, after all, I can do to teach him. He will be pissing entire house and make my aunt crazy. I felt so sad, why it has to be so, I can’t face these two sad things together.

Saying Bye to Vito

My cousin told me Vito will be adopted by his friend who really loves dogs. I wasn’t able to separate from Vito, and neither did he. I asked my cousin to take him while I’m not home, so both of us will let go easily. When I went home, I felt so empty. I cried out loud and cannot hold it. I tried to calm and think that I still can meet him at my cousin’s friend’s house, but it never happened. He moved with Vito a few days later to another city, and we can’t find his address. My cousin keeps told me that Vito will be alright, his friend is a dog lover. I really have a hope that he will be happy for the entire of his life. At least I have given him a lot of love while we were together.

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Jessica Theodora from West Java, Indonesia, has completed her university degree majoring Law, has been worked with several companies. Jessica cannot resist her passion for writing. She is a mother of two children, and right now she’s working from home. From her experience with dog, especially with her first dog, she became a dog lover and her dream is to have a big kennel and to be known as a dog breeder.

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  • An article full of emotion. The love and parting really makes one cry. It makes us think that if dogs are such a lovely creature then why are they in such a sorry state? Why are they so neglected? It makes us think to do something for their improvement.

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