Moment hated most by Pikko


Chasing Time

Definitely it won’t be a moment that would be related to eating his favourite food, but obviously it was the bathing time. He used to hate taking bath literally. He was very clever enough to realize when we were about to give him a bath, when we used to carry his towel and soap, he used to run faster than a cheetah and go hide under the bed, that was the most difficult time of our day, trying to bring him out from there. But as always moms had a solution for each and every problem existing in a family, my mom also knew the best idea that would immediately bring him out from there and that was showing his favourite food or toys, and yes, he used to fall in the trap.

Bathing Time

Most of the times my dad used to give him bath, and for this reason he used to run away from my dad whenever he used to carry a towel, he had the notion seeing the towel in anybody’s hand, that he was going to be given a bath. When he used to take bath, he used to say to my dad by standing in two feet leaning over him:

“Please don’t do this to me, I just detest this water”

and that puppy face would made by him with those innocent eyes, would melt anyone easily, and my dad would feel pity, and used to say consoling him,

“It’s going to be okay, you will look more handsome and a cleaner baby, It’s almost over anyways”

Rolling and Running Time

After having a bath, my mom used to spread a big piece of cloth on the floor for him to roll and wipe himself as he always used to do, he learnt this on his own, and we were very proud of him. He used to look like a small panda, so fluffy and whiter than snow. But one thing was for sure, he used to receive some superman powers, guess while taking bath, as he used to behave like crazy after having bath, he used to run from one room to another, and during that time no one could stop him, the speed he used to run, he could beat Usain Bolt too. We used to get tired trying to catch him, but no one could succeed in stopping him from running like a crazy.

His presence in our life just adds more meaning to our existence

Sleeping Time

After having a relaxing bath, it was his favourite food time, by the time he used to feel sleepy, that was the most cutest and adorable thing to see on Earth for us. We never believed in chaining him and keeping, we used to always let him free, except when guests came over and we never scolded him for coming onto our bed and sleeping there.

He had a different way of sleeping totally unique from other dogs sleeping style. He used to sleep like a cuddled baby with both his hind legs spread behind, that view would just make our day and let us forget all our sadness and tiredness. Truly, we feel “His presence in our life just adds more meaning to our existence.”

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Sonia Mary from Bangalore, India has completed her post graduation in B.Sc. Biotechnology and also a MBA in Human Resources. She believes a true human being has love and compassion for all other living beings including animals and plants .She likes to spend her time with her several pets(Fishes, cats and a dog).She thinks that the best way to express one’s feelings by putting it into words and is very passionate about it!

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  • No doubt dogs are just like little ones. While reading the heading i had a thought that it might be some serious problem but was all smiles while reading it. The author’s vivid narration was very exciting and a real delight. Pikoo is becoming a real super hero and i really wish to meet him some day.

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