Modern-day Hachiko – Chuckie’s four-month agony


A Tragic Incident

It was 19th of September year 2014 at exactly six o’ clock in the early morning when my father had a cardiac arrest. A typhoon named “Mario” has struck the City of Marikina, Philippines and had cost the lives of many residents of the said country. Chuckie was lying beside the door when the level of the water began to rise. Chuckie is a Shih Tzu dog who has been with us for 6 years. My family with Tanny, our housekeeper helped each other to move all the furniture into the second level of the house. We let Chuckie stay in the stairway to prevent him from drowning. My father together with my brother moved the car into a higher area and because of the stress it had caused him, he suddenly experienced loss of consciousness. He was brought to the hospital and was revived for about twelve minutes. As soon as we heard the bad news, we went immediately to the nearest hospital without telling Chuckie what had happened. He started to growl and moan after he heard the door banged leaving a deafening silence.

Sad Chuckie

Four-month agony

Chuckie was caught by my family lying down beside the door patiently waiting for us to return. He knew and understood what happened that time as he initiatively went down the stairway and waited at the back of the door twenty-four hours. Chuckie didn’t know how to go down the stairs but at that moment of his life, he did with all courage. We just could not imagine how terrified he might be that very moment. We left him again and didn’t return for about four months since our father was moved into a more distant hospital. Tanny was left in the house in order for her to take care of the dog and the house.

Furthermore, Tanny was amazed and moved how the dog reacted to the tragic incident. At exactly 6 am in the morning he would patiently lie down at the back of the door. He would stare at it as if he was waiting for someone’s return. Whenever there was a noise outside that door, he would stand up and wait for it to be opened by someone he was longing for the whole day. At 12 midnight, he would sob with deep and painful loud barks just as what we, his family, had also experienced. He might be having a nightmare which might suggest that his owner, our dad, wouldn’t come back anymore. Perhaps he was begging for him to stay. He might be also voicing out these sentimental verses, “I want to see you one more time, Master! Please do come back alive and let me kiss you once more, Dad!”

Author, Sister and Daddy
Me (in the middle), My daddy (Ricardo Guevara) & My Sister (Rachael Rosales)

Agony Ended – A farewell to his long-time dread!

Chuckie had a goodnight dream. He dreamt of us coming back to our home and was at the other side of the door he was facing. The door crept and sounded so old. The knob turned around and dusts blew from it. Footsteps were heard and carried excitement. Faces yet exhausted delivered new hope and beginning. Our dad held him and noticed his teary eyes, slimmed body, long nails and gray furs–a physical mark of his unbearable grief. Tanny carried him and he came back to his senses.

It was 22nd of January year 2015 when his agony become ecstasy. FOUR MONTHS of being in extreme blues were replaced by extreme glee. Although our unconscious father was carried at the stretcher and not as active as what his dreams showed him still he felt sanguinity and faith upon our arrival. Chuckie is now jumping with superseding power. Also barking with flamboyant lines, intoning these lyrics,

“My family is worth the wait and fight, and this is something as a modern-day Hachiko should be proud of!”

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Bella Rosales from Manila, Philippines, graduated from University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing (UST-CoN). She is now working as a private duty nurse in Philippines. She ranked 4th place in the Nurse Licensure Board Examination. Aside from her achievements in the medical arena, Bella does multiple jobs as she wants to develop herself holistically. She also loves to do academic & creative writing. She believes that holistic education makes her whole as a human being and makes her competitive in any aspect of life she might face in the future.

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  • A very exciting article. The love and faithfullness of the dog is really commendable. But what touched my heart as a reader was his patience and silent prayers. It might have been for the little dog that his master came back home to kiss him and be with him.

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