Meet my eating buddy – Chuckie

Shih Tzu chuckie

Our Playmate

This is my Shih Tzu eating-buddy, Chuckie. We’ve been playmates for 6 years already. He loves to eat with us especially during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh, I forgot Snack time, too!The way and intensity I adore food is the same way he will crave for it, too. He is a picky- eater I can roughly say. He always acts like a spoiled child during meal time. He wants us to feed him with the use of spoons, cups and straws. He is not that polite and sometimes follows commands as if a loyalty award is not expected of him. However, If I were to rate him from 1 to 10, it would be 11 as his world revolves around us all his life.

Shih Tzu chuckie
My sister Rachael Rosales and Chuckie (when he was a pup)

Meal time with Chukie

There was this one incident when Chuckie was seated on a chair and positioned the way human would do every meal time.He portrayed the given task surprisingly.  It was early in the morning when I decided to feed him pancakes, hotdogs, bacons and eggs, a typical American breakfast meal everybody wished to taste. The dining area was filled with laughs, praises, friendship and fondness as we witnessed the dazzling eyes and drooling canines he had during that time. At first he was hesitant to be fed like that since eating on his plate was his morning routine. And going against his norms would bother him a lot. When the spoon touched his mouth, he danced and woofed just like what a Michael Jackson would do during his concert.  He smiled and showed his little teeth just like how an endorser of toothpaste would project during a photoshoot. He sang delightedly as if he was hitting a high note just what a Mariah Carey would like to do when whistling. He growled so much that you could compare him to the Jacob of Twilight. Chuckie was a real-time Hollywood actor I might assume. I was very happy as I could see different emotions and happy faces around me. I could imagine if he could just utter a single word, it would be, Master! It was indeed a delicious and savory meal! I love you!

I captured this moment and recorded the incident I have narrated since I consider this as was one of the happiest experiences he had with us during mealtime in his whole existence.We treat him as the youngest member of the household so we will do whatever it takes just to make him feel secure and happy.

Shih Tzu chuckie
My co-brother Norman Sulit playing with puppy Chuckie

Love them

So the very core of this short article is to love thy pet as they love you. A simple act of kindness and genuineness means a lot to them. Sharing meals with them can show and make them feel how vital they are to us, pet owners. Give them treats and provide them their favorite foods taking also into consideration the health benefits they would get from it as we want to make them healthier.  Knowing their favorite foods, favorite drinks and favorite persons to be with during mealtime will take only a minute or an hour to discern, so why don’t you bother to start exploring it with them?

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Bella Rosales from Manila, Philippines, graduated from University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing (UST-CoN). She is now working as a private duty nurse in Philippines. She ranked 4th place in the Nurse Licensure Board Examination. Aside from her achievements in the medical arena, Bella does multiple jobs as she wants to develop herself holistically. She also loves to do academic & creative writing. She believes that holistic education makes her whole as a human being and makes her competitive in any aspect of life she might face in the future.

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  • Every dog owner loves his pet dearly but only hugging them or showing care is not what matters but to know their likes and dislikes is equally important. A very important message for all the pet owner is to take proper care of your pet is also a way of loving your pet.

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