Love at first Light


One lonely Christmas eve in the year of 2011, I sat broken hearted because my boyfriend and I had just broken up.  As I sat on the empty couch feeling all alone while awaiting the eve of a new dawn to close out a dreary day of heartache, a small whimpering sound outside caught my attention.  The winning took my attention away from my own pain as I opened my door and saw a little black dog with brown patches huddled down at my gate staring up with sad soulful eyes and a battered body.  I leaned down to pick him up only to discover a big gash across his frail chin with droplets of blood lingering.  It was only after picking him up and caressing him in my arms that I could feel his ribs poking through a thin layer of matted fur.

Loneliness fulfilled from loneliness

My heart melted once we went inside my tiny apartment which had been empty from missing my boyfriend just moments before.  But, somehow that didn’t seem to matter as the spirit of this little dog filled up the space with his need for comfort and healing.  I immediately grabbed a blanket to wrap his weak body up with and took some cotton balls to dab up the excess of blood on his chin.  My home and heart filled with concern of this little creature’s well being and he replaced the sad memories of my own broken heart that my boyfriend left behind.  I didn’t even notice that by now it was past Mid-night and the new day that I had yearned for had already approached well into the hours of 4am and all I could think about was taking care of this little innocent broken shell which now lay wrapped warmly inside my arms.

A New Day brings new hope

The clock confirmed a new day as I glanced up and saw it strike 6am; the little dog was in the same position in my arms which had now become his safe haven.  However, little did he know, it had also become a save place of my own where time no longer permitted my heart to break over a man who didn’t deserve it.  I offered the dog some food from the cupboard where I stored my other dogs’ food.  The little frightened and battered dog slowly began eating one cornel of food at a time directly from my hand.  I petted him as he kept eating at his own pace, trying to reassure him that he was safe and cared for.  I felt so bad as my hand brushed across his thin frame where I could feel his bones protruding through.

Time heals all Wounds

I named the little fellow Rex and he found a safe home in me just as much as I discovered a home in him.  It has been over four years now and we both learned love and compassion replaces and heals all wounds.

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Jheneen Brewer from Hesperia, United States is an avid dog lover with thirty plus years of interacting and caring for dogs. She currently has three fur-babies whom she loves with all of her heart. Jheneen has an eighteen month old son who has been around dogs since birth and also has developed a special bond in his little heart for all dogs. Jheneen is a self-proclaimed dog rescuer and has placed countless stray dogs in good, loving homes throughout the years. As a matter of fact, all three of her fur-babies are rescues who stole her heart from day one. Jheneen considers it a true blessing to make a positive difference in the lives of so many helpless strays. It is her personal mission to continue saving battered, starved and neglected dogs whenever they cross her path. The real truth of the matter is that these dogs have also rescued Jheneen by giving her a meaningful purpose while journeying through this life as a devoted Christian.

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  • A real emotional love story of mentally and physically torn living beings. The sorrows and pain shared by both is a natural healer. Humans might hurt each other but man’s best friend, the dog will always be with his side. The helplessness of the injured dog made his way not only to the author’s home but also to her heart.

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