Lola – My Eternal Love


Finding Goldie

It was a cold morning in Coimbatore. I was having a morning walk with my husband as usual. We heard a dog mourn of pain at a distance. Being a dog lover, this is almost a painful thing to hear in the morning. We rushed there only to find out a 13 month old beautiful Golden Retriever lying there crying out of pain. She was slightly injured in her legs. Must have been hit by a car. Her eyes expressed the pain and spoke a lot seeing us. We immediately took her to the nearby veterinarian and got her dressed. That’s where we heard the sweetest news of the day. Yes!!.. She is pregnant. We named her Goldie, she is our own now.

Home with a new Member

What could be more joyful than hearing this? While driving back home, she seemed to be enjoying her ride, peeping out through the window and inhaling the early breezy morning of Coimbatore. As soon as we reached home, she jumped out of curiosity and ran across the garden. Rolled and twirled! Yes! She loved our place for sure! It’s our home now! Goldie included!

Golden retrievers come under the most friendly and intelligent dogs. Goldie is such an intelligent and lovely dog. We started to wake up with a lovely morning kiss from Goldie everyday…

Goldie loves to sleep on the couch.. She was comfortable there. We would sometimes see her sleep cozily with her fluffy little Teddy.

Training session

Soon training started… Goldie SIT…. Goldie ROLL… She learned everything very fast. Goldie became more adorable.

The day

One afternoon I was returning from the market accompanied by Goldie. She never liked chaining. She never needed it too. She always walked by my side. 3 dogs were barking terrifically fighting on the road side. When I walked past them those dogs started barking at me and moved towards me slowly. When they came closer Goldie started barking at them and attacked them. I threw stones at the stray dogs, seeing my Goldie getting attacked. Tears welled up noticing wounds in her ears. We rushed home and I dressed her up. She is a beautiful soul.

Days passed and Goldie ruled us everyday.. We both were expecting by then. Soon to be mothers!! My husband was taking care of Goldie and me. Handling pre-partum depression for both. Ice creams and pedigree served!

Soon my delivery date arrived and we were gifted with a baby boy. And it’s time for me to leave to my mother’s home. I left half heartedly leaving Goldie behind. She stood before the car protesting me not to go. But I had no choice. Then, thanks to Skype, I could see my human hulk hubby and my darling Goldie live.

There she is!!

It was mid December, I was little disturbed in sleep when the door knob opened. Of course new mother problems.. Baby on board causing sleepless nights!

Heard my husband call me..”Madhu”.. Wondered if I was dreaming. I woke up and rubbed my eyes to see the cutest little angel of life. The first name popped up at the sight!! Lola! Yes.. There came my Lola baby! My eternal love she is! 40 days old golden retriever. Trying to climb upon the bed.. That’s when I believed in love at first sight. She is!

My husband kept it as a surprise. Goldie delivered Lola! My baby! My love!

Lola slept peacefully next to me that night under my blanket! Kissing her good night was divine!

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Madhumitha Mugilan, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India, is a Computer Engineering graduate and presently a homemaker. Madhumitha is passionate about writing and love pets. She likes to travel a lot and experiment in the kitchen. She is fond of books, and often found sunk into the world of books. She strongly believes that family time is always a fun time!


  • A lovely article by an even more lovely dog lover. The care and love the author and the pet shows is worth it. It makes me think as a reader again and again if there are such lovely people around then why such bad conditions for the dogs and other animals?

  • Everyone must be taking care of animals around them! That will definitely leead to a beautiful world!

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