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You must have observed, newborns get fascinated by things they see around, they urge to explore the surroundings and their desire to experience it. This is not different from what we get to see with other species and is quite evident in dogs. It’s amazing to see this as a “Universal” concept of growth which builds the survival instinct in each one of us!

Eat & Play

Bruno – a month and a half old Pomeranian pup came home few days ago, was busy exploring his new habitat. Milk was his staple diet as he couldn’t have tried eating anything big. He loved the bowls which fed him milk and water but, would spill them on the floor each time we made him drink. So, dad held him close; and mom would spoon feed him at regular intervals to avoid the mess. Yes, “Spoon-feed”! Once done, he would come back to us in his high-spirited mode. Barely, he could run as his feet were not yet strong; still, he was skilled enough to keep us engaged all day long. It was a week; I and mom had nearly forgotten to watch our favorite daily-soaps! What more could one expect, when you see an entertaining performance by little Maestro throughout the day.

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Parboiled strategy !

Bruno had a classic pattern of playing. In the midst of his play, he would stop snappishly and would look at whoever is near him for few seconds. It was as though he is asking a question and is expecting an answer in reciprocation. His expression would confuse us too but, in no time, we would see him play again. Involved in the fun we had, I passed the foyer adjacent to the living room. With no time to realize, I slipped but somehow balanced by squatting. Howling at Bruno to get out of my way, I then crashed to the floor. With cramps seizing my legs, I felt numb having lost the ability to move. I sensed my feet were wet and felt an unpleasant odor around me. It was then I realized, our “Champ” had peed in unnoticeable quantity in almost every corner of the living room.

Did he plan a strategy to take revenge for separating him from his clan? Our faces revealed, we had the same question in our minds that how he managed to accomplish this task without bringing it to our attention. Did someone teach him to do this when no one is around? No, he actually peed in between the play when he would suddenly stop, look around and give us a sheepish look.

At first, all were mad at Bruno; while laughter followed its way, as an out-burst for the situation everyone witnessed. My fall was the result of a neat job done! I must have lost few pounds that day, cleaning the room.

Toilet-train the Pup

The next job me and brother had was to “toilet-train” our puppy! We assured mom and dad to do any task they gave us, but would fail at this one. Training Bruno seemed to be a “mission impossible” task…

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  • A commical situation for the author who later understood the responsibility of toilet training the pet. Many of our behaviour is similar to many animals but to explore our surroundings is something universal. Little kids try out different tactics to explore and so does our little friend. I really wish the author and her brother for their toilet training mission.

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