How Maple saved us


Dogs really are man’s best friend. I’ve met and loved many dogs in my life, but I’ve never met one as loyal as my dog Maple, who I truly believed saved my life. He showed more courage than I had ever had, and he never once seemed to want any credit.

A Warm, Summer Day

Years ago, I had a friend named Chris over to my house. We had already spent the whole day playing, and were starting to feel a little bit bored. It was a beautiful sunny day outside, so we decided to take a walk down to the shed a ways behind the house. That’s where we kept a lot of interesting little knick knacks, so we thought we might find something entertaining. My little sister Emily, wanted to tag along with us. Of course, Maple wanted to come as well. Maple was always the kind of dog who loved to explore. He was a  very big dog, being a lab/rottweiler crossbreed he came up to my waist.

A Warning

Every time we would ever go for a walk, Maple would always run off to explore, as long as he knew we were near, he would go anywhere. But for whatever reason, he stayed with us. Even stranger, it seemed like Maple wanted to turn around. He would start walking back to the house, and turn back towards us and give us a bark or two, almost as if he were trying to talk. If he could have, he would have told us it wasn’t safe, and we should go back.

Dogs are incredibly loyal, and I’ll always be grateful to Maple that day. When we arrived at the shed, Maple ran around behind it, barking and growling. I’d never seen him act like this, so I followed him around while Chris and Emily went inside the shed. When I turned the corner, I realised why Maple had been acting so strangely, and my heart stopped.


Maple was standing his ground making sure that we were safe. His black tail stood motionless while he stood there growling at the bear. Chris and Emily ran around the back of the shed to see for themselves, not believing that I was telling the truth. All three of us stood there frozen in fear, until one of us yelled “Run!”

Chris and I had made it back to the house, but then I realized neither Maple or Emily were with us. I ran back to the shed as fast as I could, and found my sister still standing there, frozen in fear. I grabbed her hand and started to drag her back to the house. Maple left the bear only when he knew we were starting to move to safety.

My Best Friend

After it was all over, we gave Maple so much love and affection, his brother Midnight was probably a little embarrassed that he had stayed home. I remember Maple rolling onto his back with his tongue hanging out,  just so we could rub his belly. It’s funny how after an experience like that, he just acted like everything was normal. Maple didn’t seem to want any credit for saving our lives, he was a true here, and I am lucky to call him a best friend.

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Tristan Hampton is from Alberta, Canada. As an advocate for slow living, he primarily writes about what it means to be mindful and enjoying the small, everyday moments. He is passionate about sharing these ideas through his writing, because he believes that through it people can learn to slow down, and learn to be happier.

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  • Dogs are man’s best friend without a doubt. I always believe dogs have some supernatural power or instinct that they sense danger or something is not right, which we humans lack. It is this instinct that makes them special. But their loyality and faithfulness can never be challenged.

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