How Kandy became my Crush


Kandy’s Entry

When I was around ten years old, my parents suddenly thought “Hey! Why not bring a new addition to the family?” and so they ended up brining a small mutt with whom all of my family fell in love with. But to me it was a stray which swallows my stuff and follows me around.

That day started out very normal. I rushed to school and as always I was late. So, my teacher made me stand outside for a very long time. After that the next two periods went well because my friends were with me. Then, worst of all break period. All the students rushed into the ground playing weird games.

“What’s up?” my friend punched my shoulder sitting beside me on the ground.

“Checking if my dog is following me…” I said

“Why do you hate it so much?” she asked me.

“I am allergic to dogs, Kay” I simply said “Kandy is a dog, so I’m allergic to it”

“Whatever” she smiled “I have a turtle, do you want to exchange our pets?”

For some reason I said no and the she left, telling she has some other work to do. I was so disappointed that day because Kandy didn’t follow me like she usually does. Does she not like me anymore? And why do I care is she does not like me?

I ignored it and went to my next period with disappointment crashing on me.

I loved her silky white fur, her beady black eyes, her love for me and all about her. She was only true friend I had.

Bad Call

As soon as the class began, I was called out of it by the receptionist’s dull voice. I was very dubious at first. People never get called out of class unless we’re in some sort of trouble. I nervously went up to the reception.

I was very shocked when I saw my parents there. Mom was close to crying. Dad was okay. And my sister was in tears. Then, I realized that Kandy wasn’t there. “Where is Kandy?” I asked. But I already knew the answer. Something bad happened to her. I wanted to say something more, but what can I say? It’s probably because of me Kandy got hurt.

“Kandy got hit by a car when she was following you” my dad said “she is in hospital now”

“The doctor said it has two broken legs” my mom joined, crying.

I felt that everything was my fault. It is my fault that Kandy got hurt. So, we hurried to the community hospital where Kandy was admitted. The VET there asked us to wait outside for a few hours, so that they can do the surgery successfully. Then I realized that all along I loved Kandy, but I was too shy to say it out loud. I loved her silky white fur, her beady black eyes, her love for me and all about her. She was only true friend I had. Nothing can take Kandy away from me. After waiting for almost two hours, the VET told us that everything was normal and Kandy would survive. I felt so happy that I jumped up and down.

When I went to see Kandy after everyone, I was very surprised to see her eating a candy.

“You like candy, just like your name, right Kandy?” I laughed and she licked my face in response.

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Maya Vedantam from California, USA is a student passionate about exploring every inch of nature and every creature in the existence. She has articles published in many webs. Maya has received numerous awards for her literature skills. . Maya also contributes for her school magazines and news papers. Her attachment with dogs started when she was ten years with a Pomeranian.

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  • Just wish if i could even own a lovely dog like Kandy. She is sweet just like her name. The author’s initial hitch in accepting her love for the dog is very well expressed. But after the accident it ends like a true love story by the author accepting his love for our sweet Kandy.

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