How I started liking Puppies?

charlie golden retreiver

I never ever knew that I would ever fall in love with puppies  soo…. much…

It all started a long way back when we settled in Bangalore. I was just 7 years old then. We lived in an apartment over there where pets were allowed. I got many good friends in this apartment and I got along with them well.

I met him….

One day while playing with my friends they asked me if I wanted to see something that would surprise me.

“Of course…Yes!!” I replied.

They took me to Charlie he was too handsome and soo adorable…his large beautiful twinkling eyes attracted me so badly that I wanted to touch him. He was a golden retriever puppy. I was very curious in touching him. My friends just kept on pampering and carrying that cute little puppy, that very moment I just thought to myself how could god create such a startling and amazing creature in this world!.

The most amazing moment…

At the very first moment, I found it really difficult and scary to touch Charlie because I was going to touch a dog, a puppy for the first time in my life. But in few minutes I got quite close to him and I ran my fingers through his soft fluffy velvet like hair and I could feel the warmth of his body between my fingers through his fur. I could feel his body panting, while my palm played through his fur.

This was my first touch on a dog. The feel of touch from this loving creature amused me….

Charlie kept on wagging his tail so fast that I could feel his love passing to me through the mild breeze from his tail.

When I got back home, I had a lot of exciting incidents to share with my parents. I started saying a lot about Charlie, I thought they would give me a positive response when I told about Charlie, but they gave me a totally unexpected response. They told me that I shouldn’t touch dogs or puppies new to me. I felt bad but realised that they advised me because they care for me a lot.

He surely did steal my heart because the time when I had the last touch through his silky and soft golden fur tears ran down my cheeks…

A fairy godmother was fulfilling my wish…!

The very next day my friends again went over and started pampering Charlie, I couldn’t resist myself. Those sparkling eyes and his loving wagging tail made me go to him again. I slowly walked towards him and pampered him, I forgot about the warning and things that was given to me by my parents. I asked the owner of the dog whether Charlie was safe to play with?  She just gave me a stare and asked why are you asking me this?  I told her the reason, she was like Charlie is safe and you can play with him how much ever you want. That sentence she told me sounded like a fairy godmother fulfilling my wish I was so happy.

I immediately went home and told my parents that Charlie is safe to play. They were unwillingly   nodding their heads…and I could make out from their gesture that they were not happy with this idea. I knew that they were concerned of my safety, after all which parent is not concerned of their child’s safety!

During vacations, I used to feel bored, but then somewhere in my mind I had an excitement that I could play with Charlie when he comes down for his evening walk.

As years passed by, I saw Charlie growing up really big.

But then the time came……where I had to bid goodbye to him. We had to leave Bangalore and shift to our hometown. The time when we were leaving Bangalore Charlie was 5 years old and his age shows the number of years we spent in Bangalore…and those beautiful moments I had in my life.

He surely did steal my heart because the time when I had the last touch through his silky and soft golden fur tears ran down my cheeks…

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Ankita is a student passionate in writing, from Thrissur, India. She is a nature loving human being and loves to take care of animals and plants. She has proven her skills in creativity and explores more in drawing, cooking and dancing. Her love for dogs started with a Golden retriever and is continuing with a German Shepherd, which she owns now.


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