Family’s Best Friend


I remember as a child my family not having much money to splurge on the extras in life. There were many Christmas holidays that we were blessed just to have food on the table. However, one year my dad brought home a box tied with a big red bow. He gathered all four of us kids and removed the lid when all of a sudden; a friendly puppy dashed out running to and from each of us,happily wagging his tail and licking our surprised faces. A co-worker gave my dad this little fireball of cuteness who we immediately welcomed as the seventh member of our family.

My How Fast They Grow

Although it seemed like yesterday when Prince entered into our lives, it had been many years since our precious Doberman Pincher had blossomed into a whopping 130 pound cuddly teddy bear. Prince had a unique way of interacting with people because many would judge him based on his size and breed and would freeze in fear whenever crossing his path. Prince would reward the brave souls, who actually took the time to ask if they could pet him, with a big sloppy wet kiss. However, once back on his own turf, Prince dared anyone to go near our back gate where he transformed from an over sized lovable pooch to a fierce canine. Prince instinctively knew when to turn the charm on and when to revert back into protective mode; as a matter of fact our little house was the safest in the entire neighborhood thanks to Prince.

Summer Vacations

Our family managed to go on annual vacations and of course Prince tagged right along with us. Most vacations consisted of outdoor camping where we would pitch tints and eat off the barbeque grill. Prince would patiently wait for table scraps before inhaling every scrumptious bite. The camping grounds had pools, ping pong games, volleyball, hiking trails and countless other activities. Prince’s favorite activity was swimming. I never saw a dog enjoy swimming as much as he did. However, some of my most precious memories were of Prince playing volleyball with his nose; it was truly a captivating sight to watch. Even though the majority of adults feared Prince, all of the other kids seem to appreciate his unique ability to join in on the fun. Prince would also entertain the crowd by dancing on his hind legs, going round and round in circles whenever he heard music playing.

I still remember rainy nights when Prince would squeeze his large body into our bed, resting his head on the pillow between me and my sister

Gone but not forgotten

I still remember rainy nights when Prince would squeeze his large body into our bed, resting his head on the pillow between me and my sister.He had his own special way of communicating in pretty much every aspect of our family’s lifestyle. Prince lived to the ripe age of fifteen before we found him resting behind the garage one grief-stricken day. As unhappy as that day was,it was far exceeded by all the wonderful years of joy and love which Prince contributed to our ordinary lives.

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Jheneen Brewer from Hesperia, United States is an avid dog lover with thirty plus years of interacting and caring for dogs. She currently has three fur-babies whom she loves with all of her heart. Jheneen has an eighteen month old son who has been around dogs since birth and also has developed a special bond in his little heart for all dogs. Jheneen is a self-proclaimed dog rescuer and has placed countless stray dogs in good, loving homes throughout the years. As a matter of fact, all three of her fur-babies are rescues who stole her heart from day one. Jheneen considers it a true blessing to make a positive difference in the lives of so many helpless strays. It is her personal mission to continue saving battered, starved and neglected dogs whenever they cross her path. The real truth of the matter is that these dogs have also rescued Jheneen by giving her a meaningful purpose while journeying through this life as a devoted Christian.