Can Dogs Unlock a Door? Here’s the Proof


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In one of my earlier submission I have introduced about one of my childhood pet dog Tomy, this story is also about him.

Tomy, an Indian Mongrel was a the pet dog of about 12 houses in that street. He had friends in all of the houses and he makes sure that he will be visiting them at least once a day. I was about 8 years old when this incident happened.

The place where we lived was a small township made by the Company itself, where my father was employed. It was a mixed culture from migrants from different states of India. I was lucky enough to understand the feel of this multicultural society at this small age. We had friends from different states from North & South India. A well balanced and good harmony was there among all of us. We used to talk in a our national Language “Hindi”. This has really helped me to improve my skills in using this Language.

Tomy was well adapted with this kind of society and would love to eat North Indian and South Indian food. His stomach was designed to take any kind of Indian Food. Tomy was a healthy dog. I haven’t heard any kind of stomach disorders for Tomy. Indian dogs are less prone to diseases according to my observation. Infact, there is no need of regular medication and de-worming.

“Tomy….Tomy…..Aa….Aa….” was the way to call Tomy. “Aa…” is the Hindi form of “Come”.

We can hear our neighbours calling Tomy like this all day. It was very common sound along this street.

As soon as Tomy hears this he cannot control, he knows that there is some food waiting for him in that house and he will run fast to reach the origin of this call.

Tomy takes rest, where ever he find himself comfortable. He would jump out off his sleep and run to the house who had called him. One day he was sleeping in our living room. My mom didn’t see Tomy lying there and she closed the door. The door was having a tower bolt on the lower side of the door facing the floor. Whenever we close the door, we make sure that it is bolted down using this tower bolt. This tower bolt was very loose that, even a small child can lift it up and open the door.

At that time I was sitting in the same living room and studying.

“Tomy….Tomy…..Aa….Aa….” the call came from our next neighbour

Tomy jumped out of his sleep and was rushing to go out of the door. After seeing the door in locked position, he started to grumble and cry. He was restless and was scratching on the door with his paw. I was curious to see the next action. He kept looking at me and started to show gestures, saying he want to go out now.

“Tomy….Tomy…..Aa….Aa….” the next call came, this time it was louder than before.

I would like to modify the saying “Hunger is the mother of Invention”

Tomy became more aggressive now, he was keeping on smelling the towerbolt of the door and to my surprise, using his nose he turned the tower bolt and lifted it up. Simultaneously, using his paw he just opened the door. This was astonishing for me, I couldn’t believe what I saw just now. I called my Mom and explained this incident, at first she didn’t believe, but after hearing my detailed explanation, she was convinced.

Now it was the time for all of us to witness this show. So on a Sunday, after lunch, we just locked the door when Tomy was sleeping in the living room. We told our neigbour to call him after 5 minutes.

“Tomy….Tomy…..Aa….Aa….” the call came promptly after 5 minutes.

Tomy jumped out and this time, he didn’t show any kind of distress after seeing the closed door. He just went near the door used his nose to lift up the tower bolt and with his paws he opened the door easily.

“Great are a genius….” my father complimented him by patting on his head.

I would like to modify the saying “Hunger is the mother of Invention”

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