Bruno – A life with a new meaning !


New addition in the family

It was December 4; 2001, a day my family will always cherish for having a new addition in the family. Did you think someone delivered a baby? Let me tell you, we had a newbie in the family, not a “Man-Cub”; but, a PUP! All the adjectives in the world will fall short to describe how adorable he was; a month and a half old, when he came into our lives and the impact he made on each one of us.

My family reached the pet care center on this day to see the new born pups with no intention of getting one home. The center was right next to the tutorial classes my brother attended. Entering the hallway, we saw cotton balls spooling in our direction. It was few seconds until; we realized they were five new born Pomeranian pups making their way, to where we stood. Sniffing, licking, snuggling was all they did, keeping their face in highest innocent mode; curious questionable eyes seeking an answer, “why on Earth, are you guys here?”

Selecting the Pup

Out of the five, one kept playing at mom’s feet and didn’t bother to go back to his pack. Lovely twinkling eyes, cute little ears, a teeny-tiny black nose, a couple of budding unsharpened incisors,rosy tongue, teddy-soft body and a mischievous hanging fuzzy tail could not keep us away from holding him. There was something unusual about the “Aura” he had. Guess, mom sensed it and held him in her arms. And there, the decision was made to get him home. Looking into his eyes, a promise mom made – “Darling, you are just a Home away from Home”! We completed the adoption formalities and welcomed him home.

New Home

He whined and sniffed the house for couple of hours. Trying to understand the new environment, probably getting to realize that he could not see his fellow members again, thoughtfully, he would walk a few steps and stop. Guess, he missed being with his family. It dawned on us at this moment, its nature’s gift to all the living species to borne the very “belonging” feeling with our clan.

Mother fed him milk and caressed him. Returning back to the playful mode, he tried to run and wobbled to the floor. Looking at everyone around him, innocently he stood up, trying to gauge if someone laughed at his weird walking, wobbling and tumbling sequence. Not bothered much about his act, he was back in motion, wagging his bushy little tail inviting us to play along. It was an absolute thrill to watch him.

Naming Him

We now had the most important task of our lives! Any guesses? It was what we should name our Super Hero! We brainstormed on the common names but weren’t convinced till we came across – BRUNO! Wasn’t it unusual? It was difficult for us to adopt ourselves to the “small wonder” as he took some time to understand his new identity.

Next few days were fun coupled with frustration as Bruno unfolded his learning capabilities…

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Shreya Joshi from Bangalore, India holds a post-graduate degree in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Mumbai. She specializes in Human Resources Management and has professional experience in the IT and e-Commerce industry. She loves multi-tasking , is a very ambitious person and a strong believer in spiritualism. She loves to communicate and believes writing is one of the best mediums to get connected with others. She considers herself lucky being able to transform her passion into her profession.

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  • A delightful article. The simplicity of the little puppy has a charming effect on not only the author and her family but to the readers too. Human characteristics like leaving one’s loved ones and moving forward is also seen in the cannies. The family’s quick acceptance of Bruno is adorable.

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