Bravo – A Super Hero Pug


My cousin brother Pranav took a dog breed Pug named Bravo who leap all over, catch all the toys, get-go all the wrestling matches, catch hold of your trouser leg, hands and tug fiercely with lovely puppy growls. These little dynamos are a blast to play with for an hour, but they can drive you crazy .

Dangerous Leak

It is said that a dog is a man’s best friend but would anybody had ever wondered that it can even save a family’s life! So here is what happened with my brother and our family a couple of days ago. Bravo rescued my house members from a disaster when gas leak sniffed out, as according to my brother Pranav who belong to Bareilly. Has adopted a cute pug named bravo from a local pet shop three months ago. The pug made himself a vital member of the family through his loving and caring behavior.

One fine afternoon when all the family members were sleeping, Pranav suspected some mysterious smell but still ignored it and kept on sleeping with his sweet dreams, after sometime he realised that somebody was pulling his pant leg, he was Bravo, Pranav detected that bravo was behaving differently. The dog was very restless running up and down the stairs making him realize that something is wrong. He even got his food tray upside down in order to make Pranav get aware about something. Baffled by his unusual act. Pranav went into his laundry room and observed that the room was almost filled with gas which could have resulted in a BOOM with a little spark.

We all know that dogs are naturally born along with a signified quality of loyalty towards their owner

Mishappening which didn’t take place

The hot water heater which was placed in the room was leaking, dangerous sparks were coming out of the heater which could have ignited the gas fumes and resulted in a large explosion, Saurav, father of Pranav said.“If Bravo wasn’t coming to our life, we wouldn’t be present right now,” As Bravo was the only one who make us alert on that day.

Bravo nowadays have join the ranks of canine achievers those who have ransomed human lives, like rocky, the boxer who saved me when I was drowning in the water.

Bravo was otherwise so silent dog but whenever he saw some unusual things he always changes his behavior in order to let the owner get the hint. And the owner could get himself and his family aware and prevent a disastrous event from happening.

As we all know that dogs are naturally born along with a signified quality of loyalty towards their owner, they show their loyalty with a specific way. No matter how upset you are, he will always love you.

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  • An article of flash back and the present making the reader slightly confuse as to what is happening. A good try from the author but wish could make the article more presentable by sticking to either the present or the past. As regard to our hero – the pug , an humble salute to have avoided the mishappening.

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