Big Blessings come in a Small Packages


The month of June holds a special place in my heart because it’s when a tiny palm size puppy entered into my world.  My next door neighbor’s Chihuahua gave birth to a small litter of puppies four weeks earlier.  The problem facing my neighbor was eviction so she needed to find homes for these precious babies as right away.  I fell in love with one of the three tiniest pups I had ever seen.  She was only four weeks old and should not have been weaned for at least another couple of weeks; unfortunately my neighbor had to immediately vacate the premises.

I Named Her Mia

When we arrived home, I put her on a huge saggy pillow which swallowed her tiny body as I listened to echoes of repetition wining.  I had not anticipated her arrival for another two weeks and therefore wasn’t prepared with any puppy food.  I frantically rushed to the refrigerator searching for something equivalent to her mother’s milk.  The closest thing to formula was Almond milk, so I poured some into a cup and heated it up.  Since I didn’t have a bottle, my first instinct was to fill my mouth with the milk and allow it to slowly drip into her mouth.  I was relieved after her wining stopped as her tiny body sank back into the oversized pillow with a full belly.  Glancing at this sweet angel prompted me to name her Mia, but little did I know just how tough this pint size girl would grow up to be.

Big Blessing in a Small Package

Photo of Mia

Four years faded into the wind and Mia weighs four pounds; even though she no longer fits into the palm of my hand, she is definitely a huge handful.  My other two dogs happily welcomed Mia into our family, but they could never have imagined how she would become their ruler.  One of my dogs is a male Shepherd Mix and the other is a male Terrier Mix, both obviously larger than Mia.  However, size didn’t matter to Mia based on the havoc she causes in our household.  During feeding time, Mia carefully guards her food, while at the same time she freely helps herself to eat from their dog bowls.  Mia also takes it upon herself to snatch toys straight from my other dogs’ mouths daring them to put up a fight.

I take my dogs out to dirt fields so they could chase rabbits and squirrels.  My favorite amusement is watching Mia chase a rabbit twice her size.  Although none of my dogs are able to catch these other creatures, it’s still funny to watch them try; especially tiny, yet courageous Mia.  She is just as fearless whenever crossing paths with strangers, and is quick to belt out a succession of barks loud enough to put a Mastiff to shame.  Mia is a tough little girl who has brought comedy and joy into my life and I will be forever grateful to her.

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Jheneen Brewer from Hesperia, United States is an avid dog lover with thirty plus years of interacting and caring for dogs. She currently has three fur-babies whom she loves with all of her heart. Jheneen has an eighteen month old son who has been around dogs since birth and also has developed a special bond in his little heart for all dogs. Jheneen is a self-proclaimed dog rescuer and has placed countless stray dogs in good, loving homes throughout the years. As a matter of fact, all three of her fur-babies are rescues who stole her heart from day one. Jheneen considers it a true blessing to make a positive difference in the lives of so many helpless strays. It is her personal mission to continue saving battered, starved and neglected dogs whenever they cross her path. The real truth of the matter is that these dogs have also rescued Jheneen by giving her a meaningful purpose while journeying through this life as a devoted Christian.