Almendra VillalobosAlmendra Villalobos

Almendra Villalobos from Santiago, Chile is a journalist graduated from UNAM, Mexico. She is passionate about writing. Almendra has a long experience in different areas of publishing and advertising. Former owner of a dog and cat shelter, for several years, learned in field about this wonderful partners of life, their behavior, unconditonal love and needs, worked with vets.
Today she has 9 dogs in her farm and she is dedicated to write and work at home and helps non profit organizations for homeless and abused pets.

Amber JamiesonAmber Jamieson

Amber Jamieson from UK is a student of Ancient and Medieval History at the University of Edinburgh. She has a passion for animals, historical trivia and creative writing. An editor and regular contributor to her university’s newspaper, in her free time she enjoys writing short creative fiction stories. She is an aspiring writer and hopes one day to publish academic history books, to contribute to the international historical community.

Ankita BAnkita B

Ankita is a student passionate in writing, from Thrissur, India. She is a nature loving human being and loves to take care of animals and plants. She has proven her skills in creativity and explores more in drawing, cooking and dancing. Her love for dogs started with a Golden retriever and is continuing with a German Shepherd, which she owns now.

Ankita NarayanAnkita Narayan

Ankita Narayan is a writer and blogger based in Edinburgh, Scotland. After completing her degrees in English Literature, she spent a few months working in the corporate sector as a Language and Communication Skills trainer. All her work can be found on her personal website - named 22 Nelson Street

Bella RosalesBella Rosales

Bella Rosales from Manila, Philippines, graduated from University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing (UST-CoN). She is now working as a private duty nurse in Philippines. She ranked 4th place in the Nurse Licensure Board Examination. Aside from her achievements in the medical arena, Bella does multiple jobs as she wants to develop herself holistically. She also loves to do academic & creative writing. She believes that holistic education makes her whole as a human being and makes her competitive in any aspect of life she might face in the future.

Carolina BorjaCarolina Borja

Carolina Borja from Cuenca, Ecuador, is a student of Veterinary Medicine and a passionate person by God. She is an animal lover and enjoys spending time with her family. Carolina is Hispanic and likes to experiment with vegetarian and vegan cuisine. She likes learning about new cultures and likes the idea of travel around the world. She love write and read. Carolina thinks that always we have something new to learn and always we have someone to help.

David Hernandez VillalobosDavid Hernandez Villalobos

David Hernández Villalobos from Mexico is a Biotechnology Engineering student, one of his passions is science, particularly everything related to biotechnology applied in medicine and in ecology, leading him to write articles related to women’s health and biotech.
David's other passions, animals (particularly dogs, more specifically schnauzers, since he’s had these since he was six), music, either sing it, dance it or make it.

Dr. Chithra P ArunimaDr. Chithra P Arunima

Dr. Chithra P Arunima from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India is a Veterinarian by profession. A mother of two, she is very passionate about reading and writing. Despite tight schedules Dr. Chithra finds time to write about the unusual encounters her profession allows and loves to share them with her readers. Dr. Chithra is a devoted clinician and enjoys experimenting in kitchen

Ganesh SowdepalliGanesh Sowdepalli

Ganesh Sowdepalli from Bangalore, India, is an electronics student. Ganesh never gives up on anything and believes that everyone has a potential and given a chance and some trust they will do wonders. He is also a creative thinker, an optimist and a problem solver. Ganesh is passionate about writing.

Hannah AbroguenaHannah Abroguena

Hannah Abroguena is from the Bukidnon Mindanao, Philippines graduated from Ateneo de Cagayan – Xavier University. She took up Bachelor of Arts major in International Studies. She is a mom who has passion for dogs. Hannah considers them as her confidants, believes that pets absorb ones emotions and sentiments are best shared with them. Aside from being a dog lover, she likes gardening and creating DIY crafts.

Jessica TheodoraJessica Theodora

Jessica Theodora from West Java, Indonesia, has completed her university degree majoring Law, has been worked with several companies. Jessica cannot resist her passion for writing. She is a mother of two children, and right now she’s working from home. From her experience with dog, especially with her first dog, she became a dog lover and her dream is to have a big kennel and to be known as a dog breeder.

Jheneen BrewerJheneen Brewer

Jheneen Brewer from Hesperia, United States is an avid dog lover with thirty plus years of interacting and caring for dogs. She currently has three fur-babies whom she loves with all of her heart. Jheneen has an eighteen month old son who has been around dogs since birth and also has developed a special bond in his little heart for all dogs. Jheneen is a self-proclaimed dog rescuer and has placed countless stray dogs in good, loving homes throughout the years. As a matter of fact, all three of her fur-babies are rescues who stole her heart from day one. Jheneen considers it a true blessing to make a positive difference in the lives of so many helpless strays. It is her personal mission to continue saving battered, starved and neglected dogs whenever they cross her path. The real truth of the matter is that these dogs have also rescued Jheneen by giving her a meaningful purpose while journeying through this life as a devoted Christian.

Madhumitha MugilanMadhumitha Mugilan

Madhumitha Mugilan, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India, is a Computer Engineering graduate and presently a homemaker. Madhumitha is passionate about writing and love pets. She likes to travel a lot and experiment in the kitchen. She is fond of books, and often found sunk into the world of books. She strongly believes that family time is always a fun time!

Maya VedantamMaya Vedantam

Maya Vedantam from California, USA is a student passionate about exploring every inch of nature and every creature in the existence. She has articles published in many webs. Maya has received numerous awards for her literature skills. . Maya also contributes for her school magazines and news papers. Her attachment with dogs started when she was ten years with a Pomeranian.

Naveen GopalNaveen Gopal

Naveen Gopal from India is a animal lover. He loves to share his life experiences through writing. Naveen loves travelling and Photography. As a dog lover, Naveen has published articles about dogs their behaviours, training methods, food habits and home remedies.

Pratik GangwarPratik Gangwar

Pratik Gangwar from Bareilly, Utter Pradesh, India is passionate about writing. Pratik is a student pursuing computer course. He is confident enough to accomplish various task. Pratik believes in hard working and meeting deadlines. His hobbies are computer gaming ,writing, reading, modeling & watching movies.

Ruth MuthoniRuth Muthoni

Ruth Muthoni from Nakuru, Kenya, a young mother, a vibrant lover of life and dogs are her best friends. Ruth enjoys the outdoors and walking her dogs, when she is not busy studying for her master’s degree program or writing blogs.

Shashi ShwetaShashi Shweta

Shashi Shweta from Kolkata, India holds bachelor's degree in engineering from VTU Bangalore. She works as a IT professional. She loves reading books and has habit of writing diary on daily basis .Though she is IT professional, works as a developer but her loves towards reading books and writing diary made her to write this article. She believes the thought of Edward Bulwer-Lytton “pen is mightier than sword”. She turns these words into reality. By luck she get this chance and willing to continue writing.

Shreya JoshiShreya Joshi

Shreya Joshi from Bangalore, India holds a post-graduate degree in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Mumbai. She specializes in Human Resources Management and has professional experience in the IT and e-Commerce industry. She loves multi-tasking , is a very ambitious person and a strong believer in spiritualism. She loves to communicate and believes writing is one of the best mediums to get connected with others. She considers herself lucky being able to transform her passion into her profession.

Shrishti PuriShrishti Puri

Shrishti Puri from Delhi, India is an avid reader, an enthusiastic orator and an optimist towards new challenges. Besides being an economics maniac and a corporate person, she loves to write. She is often seen with a diary of her own, penning her thoughts down in simple verses or words. Her love for dogs started with a Pomeranian and she is now proud to have her love continued with a Labrador.

Sonia MarySonia Mary

Sonia Mary from Bangalore, India has completed her post graduation in B.Sc. Biotechnology and also a MBA in Human Resources. She believes a true human being has love and compassion for all other living beings including animals and plants .She likes to spend her time with her several pets(Fishes, cats and a dog).She thinks that the best way to express one’s feelings by putting it into words and is very passionate about it!

Tristan HamptonTristan Hampton

Tristan Hampton is from Alberta, Canada. As an advocate for slow living, he primarily writes about what it means to be mindful and enjoying the small, everyday moments. He is passionate about sharing these ideas through his writing, because he believes that through it people can learn to slow down, and learn to be happier.