Anita and her first day in the park


It is a story about my beautiful angel Anita, she was one of my mongrel dogs, and she died last year with more or less10 years old.  She had the most beautiful smile (with very few teeth). She was a medium size mongrel; Anita had some brown and black spots around in her body and ears. Chubby girl and very quiet, I think for the age that she had. She loved going to the park, lie down and take many turns.

Meeting Anita

All started  when I met her, I was on a day very common, I went to my classes of veterinary in the college; when one of my friends come with her, in that time she was for me just a dog, very dirty and  very bad carefully. I only thought poor dog.

My friend start to tell us, what was happened with her, he say  that they owners don’t want “take care” her any more, they said she is old, sick (she had a very big mass in her abdomen; like a medium size ball)and they want put sleep her. So my friend brought her, looking for what our Vets teachers can do for her. She came from far away, she lived in the mountains. She was very stressed and disorientated; all this was very new for her.

Anita and Me at Park

She needs Surgery

A new future, started to shine for her, the Vet after some medical studies said that she needs a surgery to remove the mass. And that was what they did; after the surgery she had a very large scar. Now she had a new chance to live, a new chance to be happy, the little problem was she doesn’t have a family.

Inevitably I brought her to home, in the start I don’t was very secure if my parents will be okay with the new older mongrel princess. Now she was here in my house,very scared, shy, and some angry; was fair she don’t know me, all this was very new for her. She went from living in the mountains to be a home dog. We needed spend time together, know each other and be patient. We needed like one month to be friends, and less or more one month more for her total recovery.

If you can give a new chance a dog, do it. You can change the life of the dog; and certainly your life will be changed also.

Good Friends

Now we were friends, she trusted me; all was going great; so I decided, was time to go outside. I bought her a belt, in that moment I don’t thought that Anita had never used a belt before. I came with all the happiness to try going outside, the inevitable happened, Anita don’t wanted walk with the belt. So I thought, why not try going to the park? And that was we did. I put her in the car and went to the park.

We went to one of the biggest parks in my town, for me surprise when Anita touched the grass something inside her change; she started to walk carefully in the beginning, after with more trust she started to turn on the grass. It was one of the best times I can remember. Was like she came back to the mountains, she was very happy. We walked around the park looking the docks, and we took lots of photos. I can´t forget the happiness of Anita in that time.

“If you can give a new chance a dog, do it. You can change the life of the dog; and certainly your life will be changed also.”

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Carolina Borja from Cuenca, Ecuador, is a student of Veterinary Medicine and a passionate person by God. She is an animal lover and enjoys spending time with her family. Carolina is Hispanic and likes to experiment with vegetarian and vegan cuisine. She likes learning about new cultures and likes the idea of travel around the world. She love write and read. Carolina thinks that always we have something new to learn and always we have someone to help.

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  • At the begining of the article just could not understand what was i reading….. . But i think its okay because the message the author wanted to deliever was of love, kindness and care, which knows no boundry. The patience and thoughtfulness shown by the author is commendable.

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