A Loved One’s death – foretold through Hachiko’s movie

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If we dog lovers are to create a universal dog movie of all time, it would probably be the tale of Hachiko.  The touching story of a dog’s loyalty to his master.

I had a hard time encapsulating my story.  If the reader can grasp of what implication it had when this incident happened.  Coincidence.  Could  be. Or an underlying message was relayed.  This article may technically fall short.  But taken through a dog’s tale for a dog’s story in memory of a person who truly cared for dogs, I hope these are enough reasons for this article to get published in this website.  Perhaps, this is one unique true story one shouldn’t  want to miss.

One late evening, I was ready for another movie bonding with my daughter. The movies were usually from Disney.  But we chose an out-of-the-blue story. …..

“So, what movie are we going to watch now?”, I asked my daughter as we rummaged through the dvds.  It was during those phase that kids were into endless watching of cartoons over and over again. That I memorized the movie lines already due to the repetitions.  “Why don’t we try this new one”, as I showed her the title cover of a dog named Hachiko.  “Okay”, was all my daughter said with a nod.  I took the dvd and shoved it into the player.  We sat comfortably on the sofa as we watched our bedtime movie.

It was heart-gripping .  There was a part of a boy narrating his grandfather’s story of his dog, Hachiko.  Sad to know, his grandpa died of heart attack.  It was supposed to be passive but strucked a cord afterwards when an unexpected news came…..

The phone rang at about two in the morning.  My husband received the saddest news.  The inevitable happened.

“Papa had a stroke”,  my brother-in-law’s voice was at the other end of the line.  “He passed away……”, he said as his voice broke.

My father-in-law died that day of massive heart attack.  He just migrated to the US with my mother-in-law.  He was a dog lover long before I met him.  Whenever he called home to ask about how we were, he never forgot  to check on his dogs. If they were okay and properly fed.  And my first pet Chipy came from his dog.  He was a person of good character and unselfishly shared his kindness towards his dogs.

The movie of Hachiko we watched the night before came flooding back to me.  My father-in-law fitted into the character of the dog’s master.  How he died and his love for dogs. The tale was even narrated by a grandchild whom  my father-in-law  was also so fond of my daughter.  I thought there was a purpose watching that movie. Perhaps, it meant to bid us farewell.  It was through a dog’s tale to be a constant reminder  of my father-in-law’s love for dogs even until now to the generations of offsprings his pets have in our home.

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Hannah Abroguena is from the Bukidnon Mindanao, Philippines graduated from Ateneo de Cagayan – Xavier University. She took up Bachelor of Arts major in International Studies. She is a mom who has passion for dogs. Hannah considers them as her confidants, believes that pets absorb ones emotions and sentiments are best shared with them. Aside from being a dog lover, she likes gardening and creating DIY crafts.